Hi hackers - any info out there on leasing the new Audi A3 Etron? Money Factors? Residuals? I’m in SoCal. Looking at either a 7500 or 10,000 mile/year lease.


Doesn’t seem too great:

2016 A3 Sportback e-tron, 36/10K
52% residual
.00116 MF
$4,502 lease cash

$500 Audi Loyalty available, as well as Multiple Security Deposits. Don’t forget the $1,500 California mail-in rebate.

Lease calculator here:

Do you have money fator and residuals for 7500 miles/yr lease?

Add 1% to the residual for 7,500 mi/year. MF does not vary based on mileage.


Do you have more information on the CA mail in rebate? Is it still available even for lease?

It’s eligible for the $1,500 plug-in hybrid rebate.

Hi All. I got a great deal on a Mercedes GLC 300 thanks to this website’s info. Thank you so much!

I am now looking to lease a Audi A3 ETRON. Can someone provide me the residual and MF for a 2016 model in Northern California? Thanks again, this website is a buyers best friend.


Hi Share the details of the GLC please :slight_smile: The spirit of using this forum is you let us know the details of your deal if you found it useful.

Sure. Msrp $46,495, $0 down. $551/mo. I am not sure MF or residual, but I thought it was a great deal.

Purchased at downtown mbz of Los Angeles. Good experience with the salesman, did it all by phone. Gary was his name and I highly recommend him.


2016 A3 E-tron
36/10k: 50%; .00094
24/10k: 57%; .00094

All: $4501 Bonus Cash
Targeted: $1000 Loyalty Cash; $1000 New Owner Conquest Cash

Glad that you have found this site helpful! Would you mind submitting your GLC lease contract to so we can put it up on our Lease Log? Thanks a lot!