Audi A3 could i do better? in South Florida

I was trying to get competitive quotes on Audi A3 Titanium. Two dealers in South Florida didn’t want to play. Below i have numbers from the two that did. However, the first one got an attitude and just stopped responding. What i have negotiated, and am contemplating is the following:

Audi A3 Titanium package 36 month lease (would love to do nothing down, but that doesn’t seem to be happening. Need payment as low as possible

Dealer One Dealer 2

Msrp 36,040 36,170
rebate 4,000 4,000
sell price 25,932 28,289
discount 6,108 7,880

sales tax ? 1804.65
dealer fee 1588 (895+687) 1355.50

money factor 00081 or 1.9% 00062 or 1.48%

Cap reduction tax $240 none mentioned
Lic Transfer $250 $250
Rental Surcharge $60 ??? $60

Neither dealer would do multiple deposits . . .they said the rate was already too low. With Dealer number two i have been able to have them absorb my last payment on lexus ct 200h of $317, but not my disposition fee of $350 for the Lexus return. They want me to get the audi care maintenance package which im not sure if should do . . .even though they reduced it to half price. If i do get it, i will pay it up front instead of rolling into the payment. And if they will agree to rotate my tires every so often that would be incentive. Im thinking i could get oil changes for less at an independent place? But im not familiar with having machine of this kind. Had the easy to maintain Lexus for three consecutive leases.

Leasing period for 36 months taxes included:
Dealer number one had me at a 315 payment with 2265 down and 7,500 miles
Dealer number two had me at a lot of confusing numbers: 10k miles for 308.61 another time, 7500 miles for 308.37 with 1200 down . Another time 319.23 with $1200 down. (It was my hand written notes with no down payment noted for the 308 with 10K miles the others were print outs) Seems like each time i revisit, things come out different.
Wondering if i am circling a good deal or if i need to press harder in some way.
Thank you in advance!!

sorry . . .i see my nice columns did not come out right. hard to decipher. tried to fix, sorry again.

Good evening,

Any luck with advice??

I’m looking to lease an A3 Premium and trying my best to learn all I can before walking into the dealership. The offers they have on the websites seem great, but it’s always good to know things beforehand.

Have you gotten your new car yet? Any advice you can share?

Also, how did you come up with the money factor??

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

They more than likely are not great. It’s rare that an advertised special is a great deal.

With any deal, you’ll want to verify RV, MF, and incentives with Edmunds.

We have a great leasing 101 section on here that’ll help get you started on your research

I figured, there’s always a catch.

I did some research on Edmunds, it shows a “suggested price” of $6k below MSRP. But I know I can’t walk into a dealer and ask them to honor that, can I!?

I’ve learned that in order to estimate a monthly payment I need to know the money factor. How can I get those numbers?

There are some great threads on here about how to write an email for negotiating.

Edmunds can give you RV, MF, and incentives. Read the leasing 101… It really will help.

Thanks for the tip!

Why do people always say to ask for the RV? I realize that it is a very important factor when determining the monthly payment for the lease, but I’ve also seen people say that the Dealer absolutely cannot mess with the RV. Can the Dealer mess with the RV? or do people just say to always ask for the RV because you wouldnt be able to calculate the payment on your own without it? Thanks for the information! I’m also new to the leasing game and am currently looking for a lease around 300-350 a month with max 2500 - ish DAS including any fees / MSDs etc. so I’m curious to know this information. Thanks!!

We’re on the same boat @leutinentpwnage. I also considered putting a down, however I was told not to. But it seems like it would help lower the monthly payments.

The only info I got from a dealer regarding their “deals” was that they offered an A3 Titanium Premium for $308 (for qualified customers). According to them qualified customers means having a credit score above 700. I emailed a local dealership. I’m still trying my best to find the articles on how to get the MF though, that seems to be important. Can we ask them for the MF or do we have to do the math based on the MSRP??

Two reasons… It allows you to calculate everything prior to talking to the dealer and it allows you to verify that the contract is correct. There have been many times where one person asks for a certain number of miles and the deal is calculated with a different amount. Suddenly at the end, the dealer is saying “just kidding, for that many miles it will be $xx more per month”. I have seen RV errors pop up a lot.

To find the money factor and residual go to they can usually give you all the info like that that you need

Edit: I have seen edmunds get the residual wrong so I’m not an expert on how accurate that is, but it is the website everyone here tends to recommend. I think as long as you give them the correct info (months/mileage on the lease, your zip code, etc.) they have reliable information generally

Would love to know which South Florida dealer offered you 308. i had to negotiate for two months to get 310 per month, 10,000 miles with 1200 down. They said that i lowered their average by $1200. Im not sure what that means . . . my credit score is 840

I just asked them what the money factor was. Seems the dealers play with that number. One with the lower MF had other items higher. One with higher MF gave bigger discount on MSRP.
its a shell game . . .