Audi A3 2017 deal analysis

2017 Audi A3

MSRP : 43,340
Sales Price : 38,900

MF : 0.003051
Res : 54%

36 mo / 15k miles

1100 Drive off which includes the destination charge and paperwork costs

I have a trade which is over on the mileage (400 miles @ 0.20 per mile) which is $397/month with 2 payments remaining.

They are willing to do the deal for $498 incl tax and taking the trade and paying my last two payments.

Anyone have any comments on this deal? Thank you very much in advance!


That MF seems unusually high even for Audi.
Edit: maybe you meant to type 0.0003? If so I get within a few bucks of what they are quoting. It has a decent discount IMO but, it looks as if the current leasing program for this model just isn’t favorable.

Here is am image of the sticker.

The sales person said 0.003 but clearly she meant 0.0003
Yeah it’s not the best. I need to check out some other programs on the 3 series. I was looking at a GTI but the program isn’t that great on that either. Clearly I like cars that are not great on leasing haha

Do you like the 5 series? You can get some insane deals on some 2016 loaners/exec demos right now

The 5 series is a bit large for my tastes. My current car is a GTI :slight_smile: