ATV Deals/Negotiations So Cal

Hi guys,
I’m in the market for a new ATV and wanted to see if any of the lease hackers here were able to use the techniques learned from here in order to buy an ATV or a new bike.

What I know so far is that dealers use same techniques (i.e 4 square) to oversell you the vehicle and some won’t even give you prices over the phone or email.

Just thought I get some two cents or any references.
Thank you.

2016s are blowing out right now just like dealerships for dirtbikes and atvs. not sure where you’re located but in socal del amo motorsports is moving them out, went last week. same thing as purchasing but it was like half off MSRP for brand new. the better the credit the better the rate. under 3%. leasing a bike is incredibly expensive and most people do not do it and only one company even offers it. since a bike is considered a luxury item, financing it can sometimes have higher rates depending on your score. bikes and such have rebates just like cars and will price match against other dealerships. also… depending on how far they store the bike from where their location is some dealerships charge more for that.

So for example… del amo in redondo beach is a HQ for that company… so they have storage for bikes and the customer doesn’t pay as high of storage fees… where as the costa mesa location which is 30 minutes away can charge over 500 in storage fees for being a satellite store.

Hi thanks for the reply Chevy girl. I’m actually in OC also, do you have any contacts in Redondo? I don’t mind driving there.
Thank you!