ATTN LEASEHACKRS (who got a Jeep Grand Cherokee/ 4xe) Protect the Gloss Black!

Everyone who got a 4xe Grand Cherokee or regular GC /GCL… If you are like me, you are concerned about the Piano Black (That seems to scratch if you look at it wrong) You can protect it!!!

I am not sponsored whatsoever, but as a former detailer, and perfectionist, I have to share. This is going to save so many unnecessary swirls & scratches!


Damn. Piano black is so…2000’s

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You should see the Lyriq with its piano black bumpers and cladding.

Still don’t think I’ve seen one yet…I see Lucids regularly, and thanks to dyslexia call them Lyriqs, for some reason. And what’s up with all the q’s being used…Ioniq, Lyriq, Celstiq…annoying!

Must be French lol
I posted pics in the Lyriq thread, probably can see there. The first thing I noticed :face_vomiting:

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Nawp, haven’t seen it, I’d remember those tail lights.

Bequz it’s qool. :slight_smile:

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