Cadillac, ATS-V Coupe, Manual
36/39 12/15k

Interested in MF and RV for ATSV Coup for March.

any known lease cash/offers?

You’ll get that information from the Edmunds forums.

have asked there too. wasn’t sure which would be quicker so figured why not ask both… maybe?

Edmunds has that information. We go to Edmunds for that information. The moderators there have access to it directly.

I also don’t know if the ATS-V even has any lease programs offered.

Hit up Thomas Quimzon at Tustin Cadillac in Southern California. They are my old employer and have 2 ATS-Vs that they will DUMP due to the fact they’ve had them so long. I’ll PM his contact information.

Ugh… the black on black is auto… I’m not a fan of red which sucks.

thanks for the pointer though.

I’m watching Doug Demuro review a CT6 at Tustin right now lol

I think it’s important to point out that Cadillac’s red is very subtle and not in your face like Chevy’s.

Edit: After looking at the inventory, I figured out that you’re talking about exterior. I was talking about interior. My bad.

Are you set in leasing or open to buying? They’ve lost a bit of their value due to lack of demand so there is some great deals out there.

I’m looking at both options. Used, New, etc.

Used are very inexpensive. I’m just wondering how much I can hack a deal… if 60% residual and a decent MF as well as $15-20k off, you’re talking a steal of a deal… last MF i can find is .00134 and 63% residual at 36 months 10k… playing around with discounts and 60% residual for 12k, you’re talking $550-650 tax in lease with my $1300 in GM card cash down, nothing else.

I’d like to think that’s doable but I haven’t put any research into it. Would you keep the lease until the maturity date? I have a feeling that those are going to lose value quickly so you could be upside down if you try to exit early. Not trying to be a Debbie Downer but I was really rooting for these to catch on but it just never seemed to catch fire.

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I’d keep until maturity.

I’ve been going back and forth in my head… Trust me, my original thoughts were anything from a 997 turbo, to a lotus evora (god that car was an amazing drive…)… to possibly thinking hot hatch… Civic Type-R is a choice, but i’m not interested in that overall design with the wing.

ATS-V, CTS V-Sport, and CTS-V are on my list. I’m watching both used, and now have someone looking at GM’s stock tool for me tomorrow to figure out how many manual coupes are left.

It’s pretty much down to the CTS v/vsport or ats-v as I value handling and ride over power. Drove a C63s and it just felt like a muscle car with no road feel.

So just open to anything. I’m ultimately probably 2-3 months out, but trying to figure out where the market is now… Living in SF makes owning a car near impossible. ($400 to park…) and i plan to move out of the city in 2-3 months.

36/15 - .00012 and 53%
39/15 - .00026 and 52%

residual value hurts… apr is nice. $550 at ~20k off (after tax)

I know that feeling. If you are handling junkie, have you considered a Alfa 4c?

I have one hard requirement: Must have a back seat… even if I have to chop the legs off of my passenger(s) first.

did you get the lease?

My 2016 ATS-V Coupe lease ends next month :[ very sad.
Back in 2016, when I leased my ATS-V, my payments were only $610 (total w/ taxes)

That was a 36 month lease, with 20K miles/year, $2K down, 0% APR, $32K residual value
Mind you my ATSV is STACKED with all the bells & whistles & I ended up putting less than 30K miles on it.

Have you looked at s ct6v yet?
I drove the TT3.0 and loved it, I can only imagine drum the Blackeing would be.
I know it’s no CTSV, but more polished and roomier :wink:

I searched the forums for such information and its plagued with people asking the same questions here. Where to look?