Atlas Cross Sport 2020 Lease


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Atlas Cross Sport 3.6L V6 SE w/Technology R-Line SUV Lease

$499.98/month (w/o tax)
MSRP: $43,650
SP: $38,939
Incentives: $500/1st responder
Location: South Florida (7% tax)

Thoughts? Sorry if I excluded any information. I am new to this. This was a price that was given to me today. No papers signed. Curious to see if this was a good offer by VW, I was warned these vehicles don’t lease well. I currently lease a Nissan Rogue $330/month but my lease will be ending in November. Shopping around for a new SUV/lease.
Thank you for any feedback, greatly appreciated.

Atlas doesn’t lease well but you could probably do substantially better. That’s an effective $565 for a 4 year lease. You would be paying over 27k for the car. Might as well buy at that point. Do you know what the RV, MF and incentives are? Have you compared it to what the brokers are getting?

Keep in mind that you will be out of warranty after 50k miles.

If I remember correctly the MF: 0.00185 and RV: 60%. I can’t remember all the incentives but there weren’t many… which they told me Volkswagen didn’t offer many.
Car salesman was quite honest and upfront (I think he mainly sold Volvo cars). I wasn’t comfortable with the lease price so I walked. I guess I will email other brokers and see if they offer any better deals.

Hi - I leased one of these for my wife right before the pandemic broke out (Mid-March). You can do a lot better on this car. Here’s my suggestions below:

  1. Shoot for 12-13% off pre incentive. The incentives for her were $750, so not much.
  2. Don’t go down the path of 48 months. VW knocked down the warranty after 2019 to 4 years 50k miles.
  3. Her deal was a true sign and drive. Nothing but the keys when she left the dealership (not even first months payment).
  4. She got the SEL v6 model (MSRP: $45,850). I was able to do $535/month (tax included) with 36/12k miles. I can pull the RV and MF if you want.

Good luck!


Had a buddy just get a lease on a cross sport SEL for 48/15 as they plan to buy it down the road but want the option to return it. 600 DAS plus 2300 cap cost reduction with trade. 433 a month.

Thank you all for the advice! I really do appreciate it. I am still on the hunt for a car, preferably an Atlas Cross Sport but we’ll see. I may end up buying instead of leasing as I may be switching jobs soon (yet to be determined). Thanks for the figures, it gives me a better idea as to what to ask for when I go back into the dealerships. I’ll keep you guys posted.