Atlanta Genesis G80 3yr 15k/yr First Quote

Ok this is a horrible value but I just need to run it by you all before I ask for discounts on the MSRP.

2018 Genesis G80
MSRP: 42,940.00
Discount: 3,000.00
Rebate: 500.00
Adjusted Price: 39,440.00
Taxable Fees: 595.00
Doc Fee: 599.00
Non Tax Fees: 47.00
Net Price: 43,533.11
Residual: 54%

36 Months at $611 with 0 down.

Being in GA, I don’t think I can get near 1% rule. I would be happy to get it under $500 a month however. How can I approach this? Thank you!

I think the RV on the higher end models are better. But can’t speak on the Georgia Tax deal…