At what point (or how many miles) does a vehicle become a demo vehicle?

I’m looking at a vehicle that has 400 miles on it, and is being leased as “new” by the dealership. Would this vehicle be considered a demo vehicle, or just new? I’m considering asking for a discount because of this relatively high mileage on a new car.

Anyone with any thoughts, experience, or advice on this situation?

It was probably a spot delivery and financing fell threw or the dealer has a 500 mile exchange program if you don’t like the vehicle. But yes a bigger discount is warranted in my opinion.

Is there any way to see if a car had “spot financing”, or how to know if it was a demo car? I’m wondering if anything would show on title, or some sort of historical records on the vehicle.

My guess would be only way to find out is to ask the dealer, which they probably won’t tell you, or ask for the Carfax, which may or may not show anything. Other then that I’m not exactly sure how to find out.

Search for the vehicle on the carfax website it will show you a free carfax report.

I’m actually looking at a used BMW. The car fax report shows:
Title issued or updated
First owner reported
Titled or registered as commercial vehicle

Would this qualify as a “demo”?

Laws vary by state but here in Colorado it’s considered new until 1500 miles. I wouldn’t be too concerned about 400 miles, you might get more of a discount but don’t hold your breath. I’d be curious if the car was punched, ie the warranty clock has started. You could ask them to have the service dept pull up the VIN and show you if the warranty clock has started yet, if it hasn’t you know the car hasn’t been punched(retailed)

at the very least it would. it might be technically a used car if it was titled for business

The commercial vehicle part is confusing. Usually carfax will say “dealer took possession” or something similar for loaners

It is still most likely means “loaner”.

As long as it’s available to lease is all the matters. I just wanted to see what qualifies as a loaner when checking car fax reports.

If that car was used by the dealership employees or loaned to their customers, then it’s demo.
What if it got 400 miles on a test drive? Is it also a demo? I don’t know and don’t thing there is a line in sand or milestone after which car becomes a demo.
To me, any car that doesn’t have a window sticker and doesn’t sit on a lot when I see it is a car that has been put to use (test driven. given to employees , loaned to customers), and I would prefer my car to be not used if I am in a market for a new car.
But, you pay premium for a new and might be able to get extra discounts for a used car, that is legally still new (demo or loaner). And if that’s what you like go for it. Here is a link you may want to read.