Aston Martin Vantage $1799 year-end lease special

2019 Vantage, 1799/month + tax, 0 down, MSRP ~167K. Year-end lease special.

Good deal? Not yet sure of residual.

How many miles per year?

5k/ year, 15k miles total.

What region are you?

I’m seeing similar deals in New Jersey – but with 7,500 miles / year and on cars higher MSRP

The deals seem to have a residency requirement though so unless your in NJ you might not be able to capitalize.

It’s so tempting, let me know what you end up deciding.

Is this the all-new Vantage? That beast is sexy af

Zero down plus drive off…or no cash down at signing?

These are good deals but I believe we can go lower.

Doesn’t meet the 1% rule. But it’s an Aston Martin so if you can afford that than it’s really irrelevant lol

I’ve seen as low as 1350/month on a 167k car with 0 down, but at 2500 miles a year - cheaper to pay $1 per mile over to get to 5000 miles a year. They aren’t making any money on these but helping Aston to meet their annual sales goals for Vantage.