/askcarsales isn't great. Surprised there isn't an /askcarbuyers?

I feel pain for the consumers asking purchase related questions on there. It’s not all bad of course as some questions can only be answered by those in the industry. And some give good info. But it’s a tightly controlled echochamber where only members with flair can have a top level reply. There is an obvious bias that exists when it comes to certain topics.

99% of those idiots on there are braindead


The folks asking questions there are hurting for punishment. I bet they could walk into a dealership, ask the same question to any sales guy and get an equally bad response in person.


Yeah its so toxic

Anyone who offers solid advice like the advice given here gets downvoted and banned.


I haven’t found anything worthwhile on Reddit.

I was banned without warning from a personal finance sub for a joke.

A guy was complaining about how much auto insurance cost for men in New York, so I asked him if he tried calling for a quote identifying as a woman.


I mean ask carbuyers might go like this:

I got a quote with the $7500 incentive and 9%off msrp for 910/mo, Should I ask for $650 a month? Thats only $20,000 off sticker plus the 7500 rebate, that sounds reasonable on a 71k vehicle.

Dont laugh, that exact exchange is in my dms right now


Is that a joke? I would 100% be down for that if it saved $100/mo, sound advice. When in Rome…

Seemed like it was worth a try.

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  1. Good joke. My response below is only semi related.
  2. I had a friend involved in working on the Massachusetts Consumer Bill of Rights for Automobile Insurance. The state bans consideration of gender for auto insurance. What he said was most fascinating is that at about age 25-30 the gender gap in insurance is basically gone. Which doesn’t make much sense since men are much more likely to drive drunk, kill someone and be killed in car accidents.

He never got an answer why that was. His best guess is women must get into more small accidents and most people carry minimum insurance so insurance payouts aren’t that different between an at fault accident that damages the other persons car and causes no injuries versus totaling the other persons car and killing them.

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I was watching a fascinating interview with Jordan Peterson the other day, where he explained that women are more likely to attempt suicide, but men are more likely to kill themselves. (Men, even generally, are more likely to use lethal force.)

Perhaps there’s a similar type of truth with insurance losses.

When people ask questions there, you basically get answers from people who are so stupid, they don’t even know the market and just answer, anything off MSRP is great. And then you have the crowd that basically act like you must service the salesmen and finance people because they are doing public service and deserve to get paid for ripping people off. In recent times, there are industry related people saying that you have to do your research into the car before going into the dealership. Hahaha, like what are the salesmen good for if you have to do research into the car before going into the dealership? They seem to miss the irony.

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Sounds like you don’t want to sell a car today.


I know right!?

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Somebody (not me) should troll /askcarsales with a “How much should I tip my salesperson?” thread.

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They would ask why not tip the finance person too?

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Bring them a nice bottle of Liquor or gift card, helps with future dealings both sales and service.