Ashleigh's May Hondas

Yes, that’s right - a friend came to me to move some Hondas!

More to come on the post because I’m not home or on the computer right now!

CRV (gas only) - 8% off.
Accord (All models and trims) - 8.5% off.
Passport (all models and trims) - 10% off.
Ridgeline (all models and trims) - 10% off.

$500 broker fee.

Shipping available nationwide!


Any update on other models ?
Reached out for a civic if available.

They don’t have any Civics right now. I was told that these are the only models they need to move. Sorry!


Any pilots?

Sorry, only the listed models are what they’re trying to move at this time.

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Can you pm me details on CRV

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Would love details/numbers on CRV

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Pmed you pls reply

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Accord deals?

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@jackmurph25 - Welcome to LH! Please fill out my form here:

@CTDave - there are multiple cars and I’ll need your zip. Please fill out the form.

@Sar_Pet - yes - 8.5% off any Accord.

Link would not submit. Looking for Honda Accord with leather/leatherette interior. Open to lease or buy.

I will check the form. Submissions have been coming through.

Hi, trying to connect with you on the Passports but no reply yet. Please advise if they’re still available and best contact method. Thanks…

Submitted inquiry