AS GOOD AS GONE-2020 BMW 745e - Loaded Build $112K MSRP - $661/Month + Tax and MSDs Due to Seller


**Representing this car for one of my best clients.

will upload more once I am off my flight**

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 BMW 745e
Location: Mass

Incredible deal and in immaculate condition.

Of course, the allowed mileage left is quite low, but the quality of the deal should make up for that.

Deal is:
$661/Month + Tax
$4900 in MSDs due to seller (returned at lease end)

  • $500 Transfer fee to BMW

If you ask about not paying the MSDs, don’t bother as it’s a waste of everyone’s time.


· Premium Package

· Executive Package

· Rear Seat Package

· Driver Assistance

· Bowers and Wilkins Audio


18 Months Remaining

· Payment: $661+ Tax

· Money Down: $0

· MSD’s : $4900

· Current Mileage: 26677

· Maturity Mileage: 34850

· Miles Per Month: 330

Extra Miles are available for .27/mile! 7500 additonal miles is $2k

Contract End Date: 12/31/22

Aftermarket work:

INCLUDES 2 SETS OF WHEELS – 20” aftermarket set needs 2 tires but are included

Llumar Ceramic Tint (35%) $400

XPEL Ultimate Front Bumper & Headlights $795

Ceramic Pro Gold Package $1695


Wow, hackrs consistently know how to get amazing deals. GLWT.

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Brokered this deal for an awesome client a couple of years ago. Lovely color combo and the work done was at the best shop in all of New England

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Nice car and deal. But BMW should be ashamed of themselves for putting those ridiculously basic stock 18” rims on a 100k+ car


Location and is shipping/out of state lease transfer available

Mileage shouldn’t be a problem either considering all of the add-ons and the current market.

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Couldn’t agree more

The aftermarkets really help make this spicy


Yes it is as long as buyer ships or flies in

+1. Those aftermarket OEM wheels make the 7 look like a 7. Strangely work very well with the chrome grill.

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Pending transfer to a member!

Will ask mods to reopen if it falls through