Are unicorn deals possible with no work?

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I’ve had a couple of friends tell me about their lease deals on their cars and without being rude and asking details- I’m left with a WTF, how is that possible??

On a recent dinner with a friend in Miami, friend tolde a few years ago, walked into the LR dealer and dealer offered him a over 100k Range Rover for lease for 750 per month and he took it. And he’s been in

Had heard others too telling me they walked in and got these great numbers- I’m tempted to see their contracts- but that’s rude.

So my question is- are randos off the street just licking out with right dealer, right time or as I suspect there’s more that’s not being told, maybe trade equity hidden in the deal, lots of money down?

Unicorn deals are hard work, that’s why they’re unicorns.

Your Miami Friends are probably like most people in Miami, bragging a little too much, leaving out a little too much, forgetting to mention a little too much etc etc. He’s bragging about the payment and leaving out the rest of the story.

As a Miamian I know exactly who you’re talking about without knowing them.


You can make any lease any payment with enough money down.

A lot of people have too much pride in their perceived negotiation skills and want to turn everything into a dick measuring contest.

With those friends in Miami…what are you realistically going to do? Ask to see their dic…I mean contracts as proof of their claim?


He failed to mention the $20k down


The short answer is yes. I got a unicorn deal on my X2 without any work. $179/mo with $2k DAS + $1400 MSD for a $47k sticker X2. 24/10k.

@HN308 posted the deal here (this was before he charged anything), I reached out, sent in a credit app and picked up the car the next morning. One of the easiest and quickest transactions I’ve ever done.

this is different than walking into a Miami Range Rover dealer and a unicorn deal just falls in the guys lap…come on


I pay $99/mo for my lamborghini don’t mind the $108k down payment.


The only difference is falcon’s story actually happened


Im just enjoying the replies here :rofl::rofl::rofl: keep em coming.

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Schmeckles or shekels?

The rare rare unicorn hunter I have met in person will absolutely whip out their paperwork.



Or traded in a car with $30k equity


Or, most likely, he ‘forgot’ about his trade in. Lots of people keep trading expensive cars and losing thousands in process.

Sure. Doesn’t matter if he paid the das in cash or in property.

Well, with the trade he can argue that it was $0 down because he did not pay cash out of pocket.

Sure, he can be wrong

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He IS wrong at $750/mo on a $100k RR :grin:


Considering after 3 years the RR is starting the slow drain on repairs?
And he got ~70% residual? yah sure.

Let me tell you about the time omegaAutoGroup had Negative values on their website and I got a car where they PAY ME for it.

Now a unicorn without any work? That’s a dealer that would be out of business pretty quickly.

Swore no money down!

No cash, just gold, bonds, or other physical goods. No money down!


Any Miami JLR dealer? I’d rather have my teeth pulled.


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