Are these deals only for tier 1 credit?

Good advice, I was feeling the same way. I test drove the vehicle I like now that I know what I want I’m not going to step foot back in there until I’m certain the price is right. I am in south Florida, my wife and I both have some paid off autos, and I have an open auto on a 2018 f150 with + equity.

I won’t be trading anything in just a straight lease.

Leasing appealed to me because I can get my wife in a new worry free car for relatively low monthly payments. The first offer on a 2020 RAV4 LE (also has xp rims, tires, running boards, and emblems) was $494 A month, first month, tax,tag, and title. (Before we went in they said it would be under $300) I said no way considering I walked in there with expectations under $300 a month. Then they said same offer $408, and at that point i just left. They have texted me 1k down @ $390 a month if I come in today.

The MSRP is 27,800 but with their additions 31,500. Where should I start?

Reach out to @RockyStadiumToyota in Tampa and see what he can do for you!

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620 would maybe get T3 or t2 as a stretch.

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Are the additions already on every car on the lot?

If so, I’d find another dealer. I have never gotten anywhere with a dealer who adds a second window label next to the one from the factory.

I have a 686 and my wife has a 644 with equfax. She has two paid autos and hardly any debt while I have one paid auto and an open auto.

@trism yea the additions are already on the car

I don’t understand why a RAV 4 LE which is $27,800.00 and a relatively high residual is so expensive to lease. I have read plenty on here about people leasing 41k vehicles sub $325 but basic RAV4’s with average 65% residual I cant get for less than $360.

What’s the MF? If it is high, it could be the reason why you are being quoted a high monthly.

there’s other factors beyond just having a good residual.

money factor, rebates etc.

Toyota usually has no rebates and somewhat high money factors so that’s what’s making up the difference.

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What do you expect when you are looking at a vehicle with nearly $4k in dealer add-ons?


My expectations are unknown, I am new to leasing. I am looking for the best possible SUV (any manufacturer) with the best possible monthly payment. I went towards Toyota because the ads I saw and others have recommended Toyota because their high residual. The specific Toyota I don’t believe had $4,000 in add on’s it was just a RAV 4 LE with a payment just south of $340. The XP edition has an $1800 package according to a sales man I spoke with. I am not sure I am starting to think its the money factor from my tier driving it up so much.

Did you read Leasing 101 or any threads on how a lease payment is calculated? That’s where I’d start. Or just get a deal from the marketplace forum.

I did, I was able to get the MF and Residual from edmunds, it’s the money factor adding the additional 80-100 and as far the the one with the xp package where I am financing their rims and tires. I am going to check out the market place.

Higher MF isn’t going to add $80-$100/mo on a $27k vehicle. Do you even know the sales price. A sales person seeing that you don’t understand how leasing works is going to milk you for all they can. You really should read and understand the basics of leasing before getting more quotes.

We have a Toyota GSM in FL on here. I’d start there.

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Just because Tacomas lease well doesn’t mean all Toyotas lease well. High residuals don’t always mean anything leases well. Ads are probably the worse source for what is or isn’t a good deal (if they are flying off the shelf, why am I spending money to persuade you to buy it?).


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Thats correct. Lower tier would mean higher MF. Sale price and residual value rent’t affected by your credit score.

Are they giving you any type of discount on the msrp or is the sell price the same as msrp?

The leasing 101 thread is definitely a great resource for your first lease.

Thanks for all the help, yes I certainly did read the leasing 101 and watched the video. My issue was really not knowing the numbers when I was at the dealer. I was able to do my research. I will fight for the best MSRP as I likely cannot control the current MF for my tier. Thanks for all the help.

You can be educated on what the mf is, and if they add to it they’re required to tell you how much of a mark up is due to your credit, so be sure to pay attention to that part too.

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I think you mean to say the best pre incentive selling price. MSRP is fixed by the manufacturer. What you want is the lowest possible MSRP of the car/trim that leases best and has all the stuff that you absolutely must have (Leather? Upgraded wheels, headlights, sunroof, whatever it is that you absolutely don’t want to live without for the next three years). Then you want to get the highest possible dealer discount off of that particular car.