Are there any brokers who deal with the Scottsdale or Phoenix, Arizona area?

Looking for a professional to hammer out a deal for me. Please let me know if you know someone. Thanks.

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good luck there in Phoenix, I tried unsuccessfully to get my niece a car, I never experienced the unwillingness of dealers in a whole city like that. You might consider southern california, way more competitive. Just my .02

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Tried 4 different dealers in Phoenix Scottsdale area before giving up. Had a deal in 3 days after contacting SoCal dealers and flew one way to pick it up.

Best 350 miles drive back ever.


Personally have worked a ton of deals in Az

However, it’s very brand specific.

What are you looking for?

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Looking for a Jeep Grand Cherokee or Volvo. Mercedes Benz if its the right deal. Please let me know.

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