Are rates best in August?

Are rates typically better in August due to model year end? Trying to figure out if I buy today 7/31 or wait till august rates come out but been told they are worse??

No way to know until it is August.


@28firefighter This is the only correct answer.

I meant historically are they usually better. I’ve bought cars in April so not sure on year end model year rates.

I’ve been wondering the same thing. Which day will be better to lease a car? August 31 or Labor day?

Depends on the make, model, lifecycle, volume sitting unsold, volume yet to be produced, strength of market currently and predicted, alignment of planets, airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow, etc.


8/31 and labor day will probably have the same programs (August)…ie September programs will begin on Tuesday

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I’m getting nervous waiting for tomorrow haha. Will be getting a car this week

@vhooloo has a device that can tell you :crystal_ball:


leases seem to be better at model end but inventory has been an issue, just got my sq5 and dealer took a huge loss but he must have had a slow month if he was willing to accept it, I went in on the last day of the month

When #maga taxes kick in, all new cars will see price increases