Are great Gladiator lease deals coming?

Looks like demand for Gladiators has tanked and there are big discounts available. Edmunds isn’t clear about the MF but with 24 month residuals in the low to mid 70s for Sport and Sport S models and big dealer discounts/manufacturer incentives, lease deals in the 200s should be pretty doable until Jeep adjusts the RV of these trucks way down.

I’m hoping so my wife really wants one and our trialhawk lease is up in 9 months

Thought these were super hot. I guess they run out of people who are willing to pay 60k for a truck

This is a convertible truck with great off road chops but a whole bunch of compromises in comfort and functioning due to these features. Also tiny rear doors cause they cheaped out and just used the Wranglers rear doors despite the Gladiator not having wheel wells that required the huge cut out. Will be interesting to see where annual demand levels off at. It just seems like an awfully expensive and comprised purchase for someone who is never going to take it off road.

I imagine the RVs have to come down soon. Can’t have 2 year RVs in mid 70s when total sale prices are 15+% off MSRP.

$60K trucks are quite popular in the US :slight_smile:

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True best selling vehicle in us is f150

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Weird that the advertised lease went up about $50 since yesterday. It was advertised at $259 until Feb 3 now it shows $310. Guessing the discounts are not coming soon enough. It will only let me post one image

This is what i am getting today $310 same specs as yesterday at $259.

Advertised lease deals are always terrible. They aren’t going to give you a good deal without making you do some work. I’d guess that lease deal involves selling the car with no dealer discount and maybe even the dealer keeping some of the incentives.

Also those ads are likely deceptive. Good luck finding a manual sport on the lots. By me the cheapest model seems to be the the Sport S.


Because of the Acpocolypse I have Secured Jeep Gladiator Deals for all of Southern California.

Just picked up mine today.

Call Ron C. @ 714-330-6473

Here is the deal I got, and they have a decent selection at this price.

Jeep Gladiator S Automatic. Came with the Optional Hard Top and Spray in Bedliner, and not much else.

MSRP of: $39025

$800 Total Drive Offs
$306 per month plus Tax.

Call Ron. He did my deal and my co-workers deal 2 weeks ago.

Tell him that Seth sent you.IMG_0266