Are banks/FS adjusting residuals on vehicles?

Was about to post on the Nissan Frontier lease someone recently shared, but I didn’t want to hijack that thread.
I don’t think anyone would have imagined seeing 98-99% 18 month residual values on a vehicle. But these are crazy times. Asking the industry experts or people with industry knowledge if other automakers/banks/FS have also adjusted residual % values based on the current market? In general have residuals increased vs. 18 months-2 years ago? In general how much %?
Just a simple search on Edmunds for a 2022 330i shows a 61% residual on a 24 month lease vs. the 66% residual from my lease two years back. I wasn’t expecting to see a lower residual currently for a car vs. 2 years ago.
If automakers/banks/FS haven’t yet adjusted their residuals to the current market do you expect they will?

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