Are any of these 2018 Audi Q5 deals good?

Doing a bit of research, it seems like Audi, and the Q5 in particular, does not have great lease deals. Just wanted to see how these deals compare regardless.

2018 Audi Q5 Premium+ (+ nav)
MSRP: $50,450
Cap Cost: $46,938
Bank fee: $895
Downpayment: $2,500 (to reduce cap cost by $1,968.93)
36 months
MF: 0.00155
Residual: 57%
Monthly: ~$590

2018 Audi Q5 Prestige (+DAP, other random shit that I don’t want)
MSRP: $55,665
Cap Cost: $51,682
Bank fee: $895
Downpayment: $2,500 (to reduce cap cost by $1,843.67)
36 months
MF: 0.00155
Residual: 55%
Monthly: $685

Still waiting on the car with the correct configuration, but it would be good to have a mental baseline for if I should be looking for something better or worse, given the history of this car and getting lease deals.

Both of those are bad even for Q5’s.

Agree, can do better even on this model.

Are you located in SoCal? I can do $517 plus tax on a $50,460 MSRP Q5. Please feel free to PM me.

Premium plus comes with Navid standard.

Ivan my wife’s car lease is coming up in Mid July. Do you think Audi would offer some lease specials on the Q5s around 4th of July, since the 2019s will be coming out too?

Premium Plus does not come with virtual cockpit standard.

Nope, I’m in NorCal.

I’m curious which points I should negotiate? Looking at the very few Q5s posted here, it looks like the residual is on par. The money factor is a bit on the higher side so I was going to attack that. Is the cap cost also too high? It comes out to around $1000 below invoice.

What is the sales price of the vehicle? Seems like there’s room for negotiation on that still… I’d start at 10% off MSRP and if they don’t want to play ball, move on. In my area, Q5’s are a dime-a-dozen so I can see them not discounting too much as they’re easy to move… but as a savvy car buyer I wouldn’t do that deal, it needs to be much better.

Moving to correct category

Following this thread as I am another NorCal guy looking at either Q5 or X3 now, since my 535i lease ends at the end of June. OP, it looks like you are 36/10, but I am probably 36/15 and probably Premium + instead of Prestige even though I will miss having HUD. I’ve had to go to So Cal for my last few BMWs to find decent deals.

Sales price is around 7% below MSRP for both (a little better on the Prestige).

Negotiate more off. They have room. As I said before, 10% should be achievable.

Is this payment with MSDs?

Nope. No MSDs were offered (the dealer actually told me they are discontinued…).

@humdinger If your still on the fence about the numbers, you can still try to negotiate to bring down MSRP and remind them about the MFR bonus of $1000 that expires at the end of the month. Your MF and RV numbers are the lowest you can get (just checked Edmunds).

Ditto on Audi not leasing well. I was gunning to get a huge discount on msrp like BMWs but no dice.

Also forget the prestige if you can live without HUD, lane departure warning, mood lighting (you only get white led as ambient light) and probably some minute bells and whistles I forgot to add here.

But it looks good and it drives smooth! You won’t regret getting one. Lastly, check out the color moonlight blue!

Shopped the same two cars recently on ex-loaners and the lowest I’ve gotten are $550/Mo $1,200DAS on the X3 XD30i and $520/Mo $520 DAS for the Q5 P+ for 36/12k.