Aptera Motors New Solar EV

Reported it can travel 1000 miles without charging by using built-in solar panel matrix.

Only downhill and with the wind behind it. It’s the same crap Sono was pulling with the solar charging surface and miles added. They say they have 3 sq meters of panels (highly doubt it) but they make the math as if all cells are producing at peak at any time during the day…like the “car” doesn’t have lots of weird angles.

$26 to $46k? Seriously?! For a 3 wheeler? DOA

It’s a nice project.

LOL :rofl:

The market isn’t demanding a solar-powered butt plug.


A quick Google search will prove you wrong.


I’m not sure I want to know what your google search history says…


looks like an Elio and we all know how that went

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