April 21' Midwest Mazda Deals - All Models Spreadsheet pending - Shipping Available

I’ve been working on a project to onboard more of my existing network to LH prices.

Announcing Midwest Mazda!

As a quick note - I am required to disclose that I am licensed and bonded as a car broker and have the proper credentials to facilitate your new car deal.

Mazda has a ton of regionality so all deals will be subject to a rebate check by your zip code

The spreadsheet is still being built - It is posted below but it not complete.

We will be offering these throughout the Midwest and shipping will be heavily reduced.

Our delivery system is as follows

If you live in IL, WI, IN, TN, KY, MN, delivery can be added for $100.
If you live in OH, MS, MO, NE, CO, MI delivery can be added for $250.

We will experiment more with this in the coming months.

Please email requests - MWMazda@Bensbestprice.com

$100 retainer + $250 closing fee (Total of $350 broker fee for all Mazda deals)

12 PM - 8 PM Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs, & Fri
Appointment only on Saturday
OFF on Sunday


First + Broker fee DAS / Shipping can added to all deals as per first post / All numbers are plus tax

CX-9 Lineup -------------------------

CX-9 Touring $42,xxx

30/12 1st $339 ----w MSD $309

CX-9 Signature $48,xxx

30/12 1st $469---- W MSD $439

Cx-5 Lineup ----------------------------

CX-5 Sport $27,xxx

30/12 1st $299 ----w MSD $269

CX-5 Touring $29,xxx

30/12 1st $309-----w MSD $279

CX-5 Grand Touring $33,xxx

30/12 1st $329 -w MSD $299

CX-5 Carbon Ed Turbo $33,xxx

30/12 1st $389 ----w MSD $359

CX-5 Grand Touring Reserve $36,xxx

30/12 1st $389 w MSD $359

CX-5 Signature $38,xxx

30/12 1st $439 w MSD $399

Cx-30 Lineup ---------------------

CX30 2.5 S $24,xxx

30/12 1st $259 —W MSD’s $229

CX30 2.5 Select $26,xxx

30/12 1st $269—w MSD’s $239

CX30 2.5 Preferred $29,xxx

30/12 1st $299 -----w msd $269

CX30 2.5 Premium $31,xxx

30/12 1st $309------w MSDS $279

CX30 PREM Turbo $33,xxx

30/12 1st $349 ----w MSD $309

CX30 PREM PLUS Turbo $35,xxx

30/12 1st $389-------w MSD $349


Would Mazda S-Plan have any impact on this pricing?


Hello Ben did you got my recent email? I’m ready to sign a CX-9 touring and I’d like to move forward.

Hey Ben,

I’ve been trying to get a hold of you last couple days by email. You must be busy but can we proceed with the CX-9 Touring lease?

Mazda has been very popular - truthfully I didn’t expect such a surge of requests without a spreadsheet up.

I’m down to one last sellable CX-9 this month and it will be offered to those who inquired first.

I’ll have a new sheet up on the 4th.

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Hi Ben, thanks for offering these deals! I sent you an email with more information about what I’m looking for.

Ben, is there a new spreadsheet?

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Sheet is still being updated - Here is a link that will be updated month over month.

CX-9, Mazda6 and the MX-5 are updated. Cx-30, CX-5, and Mazda3 will be updated on Monday/Tuesday.

If you’re looking for a Mazda - there is an extra $500 in President day money (depending on the market).

This runs through the 15th.

CX-30 sheet is done - working on CX-5 and Mazda3 today.

I hope you’ve got some Grand Touring and Carbon deals!

March sheet will be posted by Thursday.

Out of office until Thursday - all scheduled appointments will be kept.


New sheet will be posted on Monday - most programs look the same

Hi im interested in cx-5 gtr. How do we proceed?

Please read OP

Any Mazda3 available? Don’t see any in your spreadsheet and wondering if it’s sold out or not populated. Most interested in the 2.5 FWD Sedan

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Edit: The new sheet will be posted on Wednesday afternoon.

Mazda will have an updated format.

Happy Easter!

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any news on Mazda deals for April? I was looking for the new spreadsheet…

Mazda sheet is still pending - lots of changes this month for them and all regional.

A new sheet will be posted when I get a handle on it.

Requests can be sent via email and will be responded to starting today (April 8th)

Please email requests - MWMazda@Bensbestprice.com

Any ETA on the spreadsheet?