April 2024 VOLVO Offers - TX DFW

Everyone has been replied to with proposals!

I have got a lot of requests for pricing on a C40.
A member has just reserved one which leaves us with FOUR C40’s left in our inventory (assuming one is not hidden anywhere).

If you are looking for a C40, please do not wait until the end of the month, my pricing is the same but my inventory is running out.

I have -
2 White
1 Black
1 Gray

We have 2 more coming for 2023, but not sure of the ETA.
That should be all for our 2023 inventory.

Hi @Arya , are the discounts available for purchase/finance or just for leases ? Thanks

I can honor the pricing for purchase/finance as well!

All that will not carry over are lease specific incentives, such as the $7500 EV lease rebate.

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What the deal/price :slight_smile:

Spreadsheet is attached in the OP.

If you have a specific car or incentives you are looking for, DM me or email me specifics and I will get to work.

Interested to see incentives and discounts for June and see what’s available. Also hoping to see more tax credit deals.

Spreadsheet is updated with this months incentives.

For the most part everything is the same
Costco has carried over
Currently not seeing the dealer cash that was on the C40/XC40; will update once we get it or if I was just missing it.

Remaining inventory is all we’re getting for 2023, going forward the next couple months all of our arrivals should be 2024s.

Just as a reminder, we are not doing out of state deals. I’m sorry to all the Florida people who reached out, but the car needs to be registered in Texas.

Please email or email me if you are looking for a specific car. The spreadsheet is not all of our inventory or our only available inventory but better served as a reference point as far as where we are in our pricing.

Do you have XC40 Recharge Plus White/Silver in stock?
And are you offering $7500 EV lease bonus and $2500 Costco member incentive?
Can you please share numbers for the same?

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@Arya What’s turnaround time after submitting inquiry form?


Sorry I’m normally pretty quick, but I’ve been on a work training trip since Monday morning.
I don’t have anything aside from my phone, I’m drafting this from my phone on a shuttle bus to the training facility currently.

I’ll be back in office/in-state tomorrow morning and will have all proposals sent out.

@Arya - any update?

I messaged it to you yesterday

I am looking for something similar XC 40 EV with hopefully $7500 EV Lease bonus and 2500 costco member incentive

can you send numbers on this.

Send Arya which trim, Base, Plus (Has Pano Sunroof), Ultimate (Has Plus + 360 Camera + extras), price wildly shifts between them.


Done sent him a PM

Theres a form and email at the top


Thank you sir done that as well :smiley:

Updated all the rates, with the exception of C40/XC40 Recharge.

Everything is nearly 10% off MSRP PRE-REBATES.
No additions or anything/
This does not factor in any A-Plan, Affinity, or Costco offer.

Everything is built as 36/10k
First due only on all of these

Please remember no out-of-state deals

Spreadsheet is updated with 2024 models
Please remember, all my prices quoted are based on NO incentives. If you qualify for any of the Volvo offers, they will be in addition.

We are slowly running out of 2023s and many are service loaners.
If you are looking for a 2023, please message me and please mention if you are open to loaners or not.

2024s are rolling in, inventory will be very volatile until they all arrive.

I have a handful of Polestar loaners I want to get rid of
Vehicles will have up to 10k miles
Most will be a Dual Motor, Pilot, Plus, w/ 20" Wheels

Here’s an example deal
$1,000 is the PS deposit, and includes the first payment