April 2019 NorCal/ SUBARU OUTBACK & Impreza/ 1% or less/ $0 Down $0 Drive-Off

Thank you to all the Hackers who contacted me last month. If I didn’t get back to you it means I couldn’t sell you a car (SoCal folks).

Below you will find the new $0 Down $0 Drive Off Deals I have for April.

Things to keep in mind about the payments:

  • Payments are for a 36 month lease.
  • Payments are before taxes
  • Payments are rounded up to the dollar. Contact me so I can calculate your exact cost based on your zip code.
  • Payments are based on a single example unit from inventory which may or may not be in stock. For each model/trim, I may have other similar units available with different port-installed accessories that will deviate from the example price.

Feel free to call or text me if you have any questions. 650-735-1007


Trim Level/ MSRP/ 10k/ 12k/ 15k

2019 Outbacks:
2.5i Base: $27525 - 220/ 227/ 242
2.5i Premium 11: $29788 - 270/ 278/ 294
2.5i Premium 15: $32365 - 295/ 304/ 321
2.5i Limited 24: $36563 - 325/ 335/ 355
3.6R Limited 24: $38890 - 314/ 325/ 346

See Inventory - Outback -

2019 Impreza:
2.0i Limited 35: $29325 - 260/ 268/ 284

See Inventory - Impreza Limited -

2019 Ascent:
2.4 7-Premium 12: $37698 - 375/ 385/ 405
2.4 8-Premium 12: $37698 - 377/ 388/ 406

See Inventory - Ascent Premium -

For All Leases:

  • $0 Due-At-Signing
  • Payments above do not include tax
  • Must Qualify at Tier 1 with Subaru Motors Finance (SMF) to be eligible for these deals.
  • Must be within 180 Miles of Zip Code 94010 (Burlingame) to be eligible for these deals
  • All units in inventory are subject to availability.
  • These deals can be modified or canceled at any time, otherwise they are valid until 04/30/2019.

Monefy Factors & Residuals (36 months):

Outback 2.5i Base
MF: 0.00055
10k: 61
12k: 60
15k: 58

Outback 2.5i Premium
MF: 0.00080
10k: 59
12k: 58
15k: 56

Outback 2.5i Limited
MF: 0.00060
10k: 59
12k: 58
15k: 56

Outback 3.6R Limited
MF: 0.00060
10k: 62
12k: 61
15k: 59

Impreza 2.0i Limited
MF: 0.00050
10k: 62
12k: 61
15k: 59

Ascent 2.4T Premium 7/8
MF: 0.00130/0.00150
10k: 62/63
12k: 61/62
15k: 59/60


Love the detail provided in this post. It might be helpful to provide your specific dealership so folks can browse your inventory and PM you with stock numbers.

whats the reason for the 180 miles radius ?

Burlingame = Putnam I’m guessing


We can only sell outside of 180 miles (in terms of registration address) a number of times before we get charged a penalty for each deal.

  • Must be U.S. Permanent Resident or U.S Citizen to be eligible for these deals.

Hmmm, how strict is SMF on this?
Bay area has lot of immigrants who will have neither of the above status.
So people without these status are excluded from this deal? :thinking:

Well not really. I’m going to delete that line because " * Must Qualify at Tier 1 with Subaru Motors Finance (SMF)" pretty much says it all. Based on my years here a majority of individuals with a Foreign Professional Visa do not get Tier 1. With excellent credit history (not just an excellent score) it’s rare but possible.

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Thanks! 20202020

36 months correct?

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Yes. Thank you for pointing that out.

This is how all brokers should post multiple deals, simply stating out 10/12/15 and all trims available. Prolly would save them time also. Good post!


Nice! Nothing for for sti?

We’re out of stock for now but i’ll check when we get them. They normally lease terribly though.

Although I am not looking at Subaru, I just have to commend you for the incredible detail of your post. Bravo.

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Anything for Forester Premium?

Last year I was denied as I am on a immigrant visa … they are strict and it varies dealer to dealer. Upon requesting they asked me to get a HR letter from my company that I will be in US until lease ends!! No HR will give this kind of letter :grinning: This is the requirement from Subaru financials!!!


What is the number “24” mean after the word Limited? I don’t see that trim, or don’t know what it really means. Anybody?

Option Pkg #24

Moonroof with sunshade, Navigation by TomTom, voice activated with 3 years map updates, LED Steering Responsive high and low beam headlights, High Beam Assist, Reverse Automatic Braking

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It has sunroof and GPS Navigation

Just a heads up to all the potential buyers (thank you). I’ll be on vacation in the first half of May. If you’re ready to go and good with getting one this month, then feel free to let me know.