Appropriate Volvo discount

Looking at a V60 and trying to figure out the appropriate discount, pre lease rebate. Looking at other posts, some say 10%, others say 12-15%. Are these targets including regional incentives or before regional incentives?

I have A Plan Elite. On a $50k car, the APE discount is $3750. Adding a $2900 dealer allowance brings the total discount to $6650, before the additional $3750 lease rebate.

So if I’m including the dealer allowance, the discount is 13.3%. Is it possible/likely to get a better price than offered through A Plan Elite? Deal already seems pretty good but like any respectable hacker, I don’t want to leave anything on the table (especially since I don’t really need a car right now).


Disclaimer: Dealer is agreeing to these numbers via email but I haven’t gotten an official proposal/worksheet yet.

10% before incentives during better times, but anything better than 9% is good now.

You don’t need it if you can get anything better than 8% off. A-plan limits you to ~6% off.

Almost always. A-plan limits you to about 6% pre-incentive discount plus the a-plan bonus amount. On a few vehicles, this bonus amount can be somewhat significant, in which case, given the current market, it’s not a bad route. On most, however, you can do much better by not using a-plan.

Be careful with people talking about 12-15% discounts on non-loaner volvos. Generally, they’re forgetting to separate out all of the incentives. Remember that when we’re talking pre-incentive discounts, that really is before all of the incentives, including direct to dealer allowances/lease cash.

When it comes to negotiating a Volvo lease you need to get a few concepts straight in your mind:

  1. How to calculate PRE-Incentive discount from MSRP
  2. Volvo-to-Dealer incentive and how it is reflected in the offer you receive from your dealer.

The best way to learn and apply these concepts is to review past Volvo deals.

Start with this one and stop when your energy wanes:

There are not many V60 deals so look at XC series deals to master Volvo negotiation best practices.

I guess the hard part is not knowing what each individual dealer has to work with. I think I found a great deal on a V60. Will post once I pick up the car tomorrow.

Thanks for the advice.