Apple Carplay Tips and Tricks

I’ve had a few cars with Car Play and finally tried using it on a ‘21 BMW X5. Was wondering if anyone has any good tips or tricks because I am finding a lot of potential but some annoying limitations

  1. After parking in my attached garage and turning car off, I cannot turn on Wifi on my phone because I am connected with Carplay. I hit disconnect and same message keeps popping up. Any ideas?

  2. I am listening to Sirius and then play a video for my child in the back seat. Audio from the video automatically plays and when I switch back to Sirius, it pauses the video. How can I play the video for my child but also listen to Sirius at the same time?

  3. Bluetooth delay - is this still a thing that we can’t fix in 2021? I.e. I play a video for my child (and give her the audio) but it’s delayed like 1 second. Is this still limiting?

Appreciate your help!

Wired carplay is far better than wireless. It solves pretty much all of your issues and charges your phone faster than the wireless charging pad.


Wow, none of my cars support wireless CarPlay.

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It’s newer Audi, BMW, and MB models that I’ve seen it in. I have a 2018 Audi S4 that supports wired car play and it works much more seamlessly than the wireless in my friend’s BMWs, although it does glitch out once in a while…but that’s an MMI issue. It’s definitely better than the refreshed MMI with the wireless carplay because the clicky wheel makes you feel a lot more secure in pressing buttons while driving versus the touch screen.

Got ya. I think I will probably disable Carplay for the time being as it’s more hassle at the moment.

I really like that Google Maps can project on to the center console. Now that I think about it, that’s all I really use Carplay for.

On the other hand - LOVING the ability to put my ‘key’ onto my iPhone to unlock/lock/start.

Also agree wireless charging is extremely slow it seems. I also use a Pop Socket so it doesn’t even work unless I take off my case lol.

+1 and wired CarPlay is fantastic

Dumb question: even after opening the driver door?

You have confirmed your bmw is running the latest idrive software?

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Your phone should already have WiFi on if you were connected to wireless CarPlay. The WiFi on your phone will show “gray” until it switches to your local network. This should happen within a few minutes or seconds, whenever the car fully goes to sleep or you go out of range.

I do not think your car can split the audio sources, it’s not a separate media player. Sirius takes control of the audio source and causes the video to pause.

This is still a thing. It’s most noticeable while projecting something to your car screen or while on phone calls. Cars generally have very basic bluetooth stacks that err on the side of compatibility.

Yes. After turning off engine opening driver door getting out and sitting in my kitchen. Maybe lasts like 20 mins.

Wifi on phone turns off when connected wirelessly to Carplay.

Without Carplay, and when I am just on Bluetooth. I can select the source of audio. Hence I can switch back and forth between Sirius and my phone. With Carplay when I go to Sirius it pauses my phone video and when I press play on my phone, audio switches back to phone.

This is kind of ridiculous in ‘21. Thinking back my 2015 ML350 did not have this delay issue. Just BMW - 2018 X5, 2016 3 series, and now 2021 X5.

Similarly, when I am driving with my wife in her 2019 BMW I have Waze on using her phone’s wireless carplay since I have an android phone. If She picks up her phone to do anything, it changes the audio source to her iPhone. Sirius, FM, USB, it doesn’t matter. Use the phone, the source switches.
Very annoying.

Doesn’t carplay use the wifi to communicate with the phone?

Yes. That’s why I think it turns it off on your phone.

Are you saying it is disabling the wifi interface on your phone or it is disconnecting from whatever network it would otherwise be connected to?

Yeah. See the image. Wifi off carplay on.

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