Anything cool you can get right now for 250-270/month $0 drive off?

I was looking into q50 2.0t, but i keep on calculating %45 residual…that is dumb low.

Yup from a monstrous dodge ram 1500 to hot fiat 500. Depends on definition of cool lol

Haha. I’m planning on going to dodge dealer see if I can get Challenger SXT plus.

Interested in this as well.

If you guys are going to get dodge or fiat make sure you get the coupon from edmunds. I only was able to get up to 1000 off

There’s 3k off challengers right now.

Edmunds also has a pop-up offer for $1000 off certain Chrysler vehicles. Just browse until you see the banner across the top of your screen and when you click it, you can choose to have it applied to a Dodge Challenger.

How about a loaded up Mini Clubman for $250… and only a 1year lease?

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Tell me more about this please!

I’m not sure if u call a loaded ram 1500 “cool” but what ppl seem to be getting them for… You may want to consider…
Considering the 1% rule… This is .5%! Seems to be the best available lease out today in that regard…

Pretty good chance you could do an i3 with an msrp of $50,000 in that 250-270 window. Depending on your state…

No way you can do an i3 w/ zero drive off. You would need $6k discount, ON TOP of the $8,500 in credits they offer right now. Plus you’ll still be writing a check for $2,500 and would need a state incentive to get that back.

Now a VW eGolf can definitely be done for that or less.

A loaded ram is cool lol. Makes it easy to rustle cattle and carry logs.

Lol I still have this thing in me for a nice pickup.:blush:

Is this a deal you have seen somewhere?

I have a few in stock. But the programs change tomorrow.

But yes, I can make crazy deals usually on Mini’s on a 12 month lease.

Tell me more about the mini deal.

Just to bump this anything cool today with the updated November deals?

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Also looking to see November numbers and what comes of them!

Can you PM me the info on the Mini and the i8 please

I need about 1200 miles per month though.

I live in NJ