Anyone want to see a Standalone Jeep store?


Interesting idea. However, all it takes is gas prices jumping and consolidation will occur again.

Crazy. It will work in the right region.

Would I visit it? Yes. Would I buy a Jeep because of it? No. Never.

New Compass made in Italy looks nice. Would I buy it instead of Subaru? No.


This maybe wasteful. I do not see the line-up being comprehensive enough to have a stand alone store. IMO. As a branding gimmick a stand alone store can be put in large cities to boost brand awareness and even sell merchandise for the fans.

my subaru spoils meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Jeep is growing into the mainstay brand.

Jeep will be the volume leader for them in the next 2 years.

FCA initially planned to gut them up (sell in parts) but they’ve gone this direction.

I think we’re going to see Chrysler close up.

They had a prime chance to move new vehicles and production into SHAP (Sterling heights Assembly Plant) yet chose to double down on Jeep and Trucks.

They plan on pushing turbo 4 cyls for MPG in most vehicles.

I believe the new Wrangler gets one now.

It’s about time. Just like Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Mercury, etc. JEEP is known as brand around the world already and I don’t think many associate it with Chrysler. I don’t :slight_smile:

Yeah - I’m sort of sad about it. I like Chrysler but they lack any offerings.

They should have pushed them into an actual luxury brand and worked on it.

It’s pretty clear this is just another path to sale of FCA in it’s whole.

The Agnelli Family, who started Fiat want out of the car industry, IMO.

Firstly, I think this was a great idea by FCA. People aren’t really cross-shipping Jeep and Chrysler so there isn’t really a benefit to having them both at the same dealership, besides the lower costs of running fewer dealerships of course. With a 7-seater Grand Cherokee/Wagoneer and a Wrangler pickup truck on the horizon, the timing couldn’t be better.

Second, I don’t think Dodge/Chrysler is going anywhere anytime soon. They still have their cash cow, RAM trucks. They’re killing off the Dart and 200. The new Pacifica is pretty popular and the old Caravan is still selling strong. Even the Charger and Challenger do pretty well. In my opinion FCA has done a pretty good job at streamlining the brand(s).

That would suck. I love the chrysler 300. Have a 2008 300 and still going strong.

I agree that Jeep should be their main brand.

Dodge surely isn’t going anywhere but I’m not so sure about Chrysler.

This is the same company that built the 200/dart - only to drop them 2 years later.

FCA is coming to the point where IMO, they don’t know what direction to go.

I still really like the 300 - but’s its a charger interior in a more expensive platform.

That’s just not right…!

I agree - JEEP and Dodge stay, Chrysler go. And just make it Dodge Pacifica, Dodge 300. Never liked Chrysler’s logo anyway :slight_smile:

I don’t know what they would do with the Pacifica if they dropped Chrysler.

I assume they would just roll it out on another brand. Fiat maybe - since their dealers are STARVING for sales.

Yeah, they did it once already with MB R-class, so I can see FIAT Pacifica.

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