Anyone using the Honcker App for leasing in NY?

Anyone using the Honcker App for leasing? I’ve found some really decent lease deals in NY,

I looked thru it, didn’t find anything spectacular. Care to share what you found?

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Yes, used it last year to get my Infiniti QX30. My experience was pretty good… some minor hiccups with the process etc… but worked through it as it was still new. But overall, the car was delivered to my house and paperwork was signed in my living room so I really liked that aspect of it. They also picked up my old vehicle lease which was cool since it was a lexus.

Used the app to lease Lexus ES350. Picked the car up last week.
I really liked them as no surprises at the dealer. You pay just what is shown in the app.
As a bonus I have a referral code which would get you an Apple Watch for you as well as for me if you lease by July 31st.

PM me if you really need the code.

Used them last year, had some major bumps but worked out okay in the end.

I think they had better pricing When they started out. Doesn’t hurt to check em out.

The dealer sets the price, for each deal, 500 goes to honcker

I got a terrific deal on a 2017 traverse LT last August.

I actually just heard an ad on the radio today for Honcker lol. It was on WFAN sports radio.

Interesting that they’re making their way into the mainstream

that’s not how it works.

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I’d be interested in hearing how it does work

It is a subscription service to dealers, so they pay every month to be a part of it. Not a per deal commission.


And I’m assuming they provide the numbers that are published and are tied to particular stock numbers? Do you know if they have some sort of web interface they use to add their deals themselves?

Got a pretty good deal on an '18 Honda CRV last week for a friend by using the Honcker app and having a local dealer effectively price match it.

Im in the process of using them right now and its been pretty straight forward. I have another friend looking into prices for me but doesn’t seem like hes going to beat what they are offering (just match).

One hiccup right now, is that it was the end of the month and apparently the prices changes each month??? so now I have to wait. They did offer to Uber me down to the dealer to close the deal to lock in the price which I thought was a really nice touch.

Is the due at signing amount minimum $3k for everyone else? Or have nay of you tried to negotiate/breakdown those fees?

yeah i would also like to know the breakdown of the DAS. Its kind of opaque.

I have recieved breakdown via email from Honcker after I have accepted the offer.
Doesn’t hurt to ask for the breakdown upfront.

If you have not realized it yet, you can move the slider under the due at signing number. It will let you move it to pretty much just first month at signing.

Thanks for the tip. Hadnt seen that