Anyone used DVCHECK before for getting diminished value of your car?

I am trying to get the diminished value of my car after an accident. I have called Lexus dealers around me and couple of body shops. They all said they don’t do this. I found DVCHECK online which is charging $300 to give me all paperwork for claiming diminished value for my car through insurance. Has anyone used them before?

If the owner is Jim Marshall then yes. My wife used him several years ago. Insurance company placed no value on his report. I’ll pm you in more detail.

Yes it is Jim Marshall. He is saying he as money back gurantee? Did your wife got her money back after no claim was recieved?

The google and yelp reviews are outstanding…

@xheesh why do you want to take your experience to PM? The purpose of a public forum is for public discourse.


@chrishs2000 Yes. You are right. I will post what I pm’ed.

Insurance company placed no value on his report. They questioned how he came up with his numbers and then he advised my wife to go to 2 or 3 dealership to get them to give us a written quote for the trade in. Nowhere did he mention this in the initial consultation. He made it seem like all we needed was his report. His reports are canned. I would pass on using them. His money back guarantee is bogus as well. He refused a refund because he said my wife did not do as instructed. Who has time to pretend we are interested in buying a vehicle just to get a written appraisal?

We had a very bad experience with him. Not only did we not get any money from the DV claim but we were out an additional $199 fee paid for the report. Indeed, he does have great reviews. Maybe the insurance company (Progressive) was just really difficult to work with.

Progressive is a TERRIBLE company from what I have heard. I have heard so many stories of them denying claims that I wouldn’t insure with them for free.

When I was 19 I was involved in a collision with a Progressive insured driver. It was 100% clearly her fault. Police report backed that up. She was super nice about everything and we exchanged numbers. She had progressive and her insurance company not only refused to pay for her damage, they then attempted to take me to court to pay for it. It was a real quick court date.

Just to add another anecdote…

Hey there, I’m Jim Marshall, owner of DVCHECK.

xheesh, I’m sorry to hear that you were disappointed in our service and that you weren’t able to find any success with your claim. We set very high standards for our service and I apologize that this was not met in your interaction with us.

There are a handful of insurance companies that can be very challenging to deal with. Usually, the best approach is to focus on building up your case, bolstering your documentation, and then attempt to reason with them.

We provide guidance to our client’s and show them all of the various methods of proving their claim. Unfortunately, some insurance companies may refuse to pay a claim no matter what kind of documentation is presented. In most instances, the reason for a claim denial is due to the general claims practices of the insurer, rather than the quality of the documentation or the validity of the claim. Taking legal action is the best way to hold them accountable.

For our client’s, to make the process risk-free, we do offer a money back guarantee if they’re willing to hold the insurance company accountable by presenting our appraisal in small claims court. Judges tend to be more impartial than an insurance adjuster and our client’s have found a lot of success taking that additional step as a last resort. Fortunately, very few claims end up in court.

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Better 3 years late than never…

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