Anyone live in Tennessee?

Curious if anyone lives in Tennessee and thoughts on the state? My son is looking at colleges there. Warmer than WI, also realized there is no income tax if we would ever relocate. Granted some of that is made up by higher sales tax. Pro’s/Con’s, what to know or stay away from?

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Pro tip: Gupton is here.


If I move I’ll order another one and see which one happens first. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am in Nashville. Moved in Jan will be here till Aug. As a late 20’s WFH professional it’s a pretty cool town, be perfect for a young single college guy.

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We live in a suburb of Nashville (Mt. Juliet). I’ve lived in a lot of states and love this one. People tend to really love it and stay. Hard to go wrong with schools in middle Tennessee. Where is he looking/wanting to study (I went to Cal State Chico, Tennnessee Tech and Belmont)

Which schools? I went toUT

I went to UT Knoxville and a Knoxville native.
Love it here now, especially the 4 seasons. Can be to the beach in 7 hours, skiing in the mountains within an hour, lakes all around, 45 minutes from hiking in the Smokies. Nashville is 3 hours away. Not much different from the rest of the country right now but it can be hard to find affordable housing with so much growth (Amazon, smith and Wesson, etc) but that makes for lots of opportunities otherwise.


He was looking at some of the smaller D1 schools and hoping to go to run track. Currently thinking about sports psychology or something like that.

If you like great backroad driving, outdoor activities, low-cost of living, it could be a great fit. I don’t think you will find yourself too far out of place coming from WI compared to say NYC/LA. If I was independently wealthy, I would spend a month every year in TN/KY/Nashville driving around all the backroads.

Was gonna say, the specifics of the school(s) sound more important than any impression of the state.

As for the OP relocating, I’m sure people do move to be closer to adult children but going to college there doesn’t mean they’ll settle down there. Way too early to be thinking about that.

Middle of TN is pretty cool what college he trying to attend?

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