Anyone leased a 2019 Mazda 3 yet?

Did you just compare luxury cars to an economy car?

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My bad, Second lowest. Didn’t realize there were 4 models of sedan. I only shopped the Hatch. Still a crap price for a $24k car.

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People here have strong opinions :grin:. This is a leasing forum but another option is buying a car. Some cars don’t lease well, if you really want a model that fits into that category you may better off buying it. I own one of my two cars due to a combination of it not leasing well and VA taxes.

Do what you want within your means, it’s not like you are thinking about paying 600 bucks a month for a 3 series. For some people savings 100 bucks a month on a lease (by being flexible on make, model and color) makes them happy. For others it’s driving the exact car they want. Find you place. Ultimately we don’t know how you calculate value.

I mean…I’ve tried to put it into perspective here as best I can. I’ve only ever owned Mazdas until recently. I’ve owned/leased a lot of Mazdas. I left them recently because of the current crap deals on the 3.

My lease was up on our CX-3 and CX-5. Wife bought out the CX-3 and kept it, I sold the CX-5 and moved on. My salesman encouraged that decision. I wanted to move to the new 3 but it was outrageous lease-wise when looking at comparables.

I couldn’t justify paying such a high price just because Mazda has decided that they’re now a luxury competitor. The highest trim Mazda 3 is beautiful and is indeed close to competing with higher end cars, but if I can just go get one of those higher end cars for a similar price, then why choose Mazda?


What higher end car can I get into for 270-280 , zero down , 15k miles per/yr , here in Florida ?I’ve been looking around and haven’t seen it .

A $55,000 BMW 340xi for $299 a month (puts you a little higher without loyalty, but still for comparison’s sake…): BMW DEALS | 2019 BMW 540XI $449 MONTH | 2018 BMW 340XI $299 | 2019 BMW 530XI $449 MONTH | 2019 bmw m550xi $799 month

SEVERAL BMWs for $270 or less: :fire: May BMW | 330i $221+tax | 430i $260+tax | M4/i8 | DAS:first month+tax,doc fee,bank fee,registration,MSDs

To be fair, what are the comparable numbers without Loyalty and with just $0 or 1st pmt due on signing, adjusted for 15K miles on those deals? And they’re 2018 MY loaners, what are the odds of still finding these deals?

You’re nicer than me.
I was about to say that I’m not familiar and that they should do a little research. No one handed me my work.


Thanks Ian for keeping it real . Lots of misinformation being put out in this thread . Fake news!

Are you for real? I told you that the highest end Mazda 3 is comparable in price to the X2 that I leased instead. Your question of “What higher end car can I get into for $270-$280” was not even a logical response to what I said, but still, the kind folks here did your work for you and found you comparable deals, as you requested. And you come back with “fake news”? You only get one chance to make a first impression, sir.


Personal attacks, baseless allegations, and off topic banter needs to stop or this thread will be closed.


You were even told to reach out to @mani_is_kool. Did you do that?

Lol this thread is the reason why ask the hackers should be used when you have some real numbers and are trying to negotiate a deal not when you want opinions on cars, you can find opinion on google, YouTube and almost any other place, no point comming to leasehacker for opinions, if you want comparable cars or something in your price range you can reach out to a broker, or search the threads yourself
Your question originally was has anyone leased a 2019 Mazda 3 I’m pretty sure that’s a no or you would have most likeley seen it somewhere on the forum


The whole point of this thread is for us to help each other get the best deals . You should stop commenting on my posts , go away now

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Cool. This’ll be my final one. Good luck with your shopping. I hope it works out. I’m probably the only one you’ll come across that just did the exact same research you’re looking for help on. If you get it, enjoy it. It’s a great car. Far better than a Civic.

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Thank you , good luck to you , also .

Don’t let others discourage you based on their opinion. After all, this is a Mazda 3 thread and should be discussing deals…

On that note, the car is still new so dealerships aren’t really discounting it yet. Plus no lease cash and little to no incentives. I’m trying to work a deal on the AWD Hatch Premium package with S-plan (employee) discount.

I love Mazdas. My garage would have 4 if they leased better than terribly. I have a Toyota, Hyundai, Honda, and a Miata I financed because Mazda lease support is literally non-existent.

They are not worth what you can realistically lease them for. Let that sink in for you. Or just do what I did and buy one.

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Actually , Mazda is offering over 2k in incentives for current 3 owners , that’s not bad for a compact car , check Toyota and Honda . If I were interested in buying a Mazda I wouldn’t be here .

Which will be accompanied by very little dealer discounts. I mean, go lease it if you want, but there are way better cars to drive in that price range.

Please read the title of this thread. I’m pretty sure it’s to provide information for people interested in LEASING a Mazda 3 from others who have leased or are in the leasing process .