Anyone leased a 2019 Mazda 3 yet?

280/mo for 15k miles per yr in So Fla . I’m open to anyone suggesting a better drivers car under 300 . Mazda haters stay away

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I can only say that it’s not a great deal for the lowest model. Sorry I don’t have an alternative. I like the Mazda3. Just don’t think that’s right. I’d be looking for the Preferred for that price.

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Not the lowest model . Select has the full safety features, 18 inch rims , etc

I’m not necessarily a Mazda hater. I hate horrible deals, especially when people think they’re good. @noketchup80 is clearly telling you that he or she likes Mazda but it’s an awful, awful deal. How many more people do you need to tell you this is a mistake?

And for the third time, the MF you’re being charged is not 0.00001. Your monthly would not be as high as it is if it was. The payment would be $216 a month, including tax. But also to pay the dealer those ridiculous fees, even in South Florida, is not wise.

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Why go for a Mazda when the Toyota’s are so much better?!? Better lease prices, and more importantly you get free service for the first two years! My friend just got a 2019 Camry SE for 1k DAS and 249/mo (plus what ever LA tax is). 36/10k. You are crazy to go for Mazda.

Mazda is not comparable to Acura or Lexus. Mazda is in the exact same class as Honda, Toyota, Nissan, and VW.

How bad of a deal is this, do you ask?

Just from the LH homepage…:

Mazda 6, one sub-$250, one sub-$225: NYCLIFE, May Mazda Deals. CX5, CX9, Mazda6 [NY/NJ/CT]

A $55,000 BMW 340xi for $299 a month (puts you a little higher without loyalty, but still for comparison’s sake…): BMW DEALS | 2019 BMW 540XI $449 MONTH | 2018 BMW 340XI $299 | 2019 BMW 530XI $449 MONTH | 2019 bmw m550xi $799 month

SEVERAL BMWs for $270 or less: 🔥 May BMW | 330i $221+tax | 430i $260+tax | M4/i8 | DAS:first month+tax,doc fee,bank fee,registration,MSDs

Q50 for $299: May Infiniti Specials - 2019 Infiniti Q50 3.0 LUX - $1k DAS - $299 / Month - $39,295 MSRP <<--->> QX60 LUX - $1k DAS - $389 / Month - $47,XXX MSRP 🔥 - QX50 Now Available - $429

Mercedes CLA 250 for $269: Mercedes Benz May Thread - CLA250 - $269 🔥 <> C300 - $379 <> GLC300 - $429 <> And Beyond - All $2500 DAS

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That’s nuts , I have driven all the compacts . Mazda and Honda are at the head of the class . You guys don’t seem to understand that these Cali dream deals are not available in So Fla . I’m only interested in hearing from those that have recent So Fla experience getting a compact lease.

It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you limit yourself to one of the worst lease markets and a car with little lease support, you’re not getting a good deal.

But drive what makes you happy (no sarcasm)


How far would I have to go to find a better market?

You can only hammer something into someone’s head so much without that person listening.

It’s not even about going to a better market - the leases on this car suck - period - and that’s what we’ve been trying to explain to you, but you’re so adamant about just one car, when it makes zero financial sense.

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There’s no definitive answer to that. Maybe North/central Florida, maybe Atlanta.

Talk to @mani_is_kool for starters

Dude , you are a troll , go away . I never said I was tied to this car , I’m looking for a good deal on a compact that is fun to drive , The civic fits this description also . I have scoured this forum and see little evidence of great leases on compacts like this . I’m open to ideas .

First of all, I’m not a dude. If you read the forum (or even my profile), you would realize that. Second, I’m not a troll. I’m someone who has leased numerous cars, most of which cost twice as much or nearly twice as much as this Mazda and have cost the same or barely more. I know how to spot a good deal vs. a bad deal, and that’s that simple.

The Civic is another car that fits the “leases badly” moniker. If you want something that is “fun” to drive, numerous people have suggested other cars that lease MUCH better and can be obtained for less per month than this Mazda 3.

But, if you’re throwing out insults, as Forrest Gump said, “stupid is as stupid does.”


Let’s keep it civil

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I’m trying really hard, but after calling me a troll and reiterating what a horrible deal this is when OP wants to know if it’s a good deal, it’s difficult! I feel like I’m beating a dead horse here.

OP: EXPAND YOUR SEARCH FROM THE CIVIC AND MAZDA 3. Look at the deals posted here on LH. It’s that simple.


Sorry to put it out to you, and may be in misunderstood your comment, but when tax rates gets adjusted, your lease payment also gets adjusted. So your dad’s car payment has also been adjusted.

You all can carry on now :slight_smile: Civil off course as Max mentioned.

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Then you can step away from this thread

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Did you just compare luxury cars to an economy car?

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My bad, Second lowest. Didn’t realize there were 4 models of sedan. I only shopped the Hatch. Still a crap price for a $24k car.

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People here have strong opinions :grin:. This is a leasing forum but another option is buying a car. Some cars don’t lease well, if you really want a model that fits into that category you may better off buying it. I own one of my two cars due to a combination of it not leasing well and VA taxes.

Do what you want within your means, it’s not like you are thinking about paying 600 bucks a month for a 3 series. For some people savings 100 bucks a month on a lease (by being flexible on make, model and color) makes them happy. For others it’s driving the exact car they want. Find you place. Ultimately we don’t know how you calculate value.