Anyone know where to find a BMW OL code? [2018 BMW i3S BEV]

12k/24 mo. or 12k/36 mo.
.00156 MF and 63%/57% residual
MSRP as built: 51,800

Hello, all! I’m currently in a 2008 BMW 3-series, and I’m looking to get into an i3S lease. I have an appointment to meet with the dealership this week and I just wanted to arm myself as much as possible. I’m currently a Honda salesman so I’m not going in blind.

I will likely be ordering a car, adding the technology package for the larger display. I’m looking for any information as to BMW incentives or rebates that are available as I hope to leave with only a first month payment.

I look forward to hacking with you all!

How do you explain to your Honda customers you drive a BMW :laughing:

An OL code might be difficult to obtain, but check out The BMW Car Club of America Rebate Program!

Check out this link:

I found that on the BMW forums. Once I signed up I got a $1k off code via email. Haven’t pulled the trigger on a lease yet to prove it works, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t.

Does that still work?

My experience has been when the code is no longer offered, the website will change and will say so. Easiest thing to do is to fill out the form and find out.

Any update on if this works in socal? I just got the OL for $1k

There’s no reason it shouldn’t work based on region. The fine print in the email they send the OL code with says:

Visit your participating BMW Center with this voucher by December 31, 2018 and you will receive $1,000* credit towards the purchase or lease of a new 2018 or 2019 model.

Only dealer partners participating in the event may redeem offer. See dealer for further details

I guess it would come down to if certain dealers don’t want to kick in their portion for the discount.


this one should work. I got it a while ago. but it can’t combine with $ 500 fleet discount. anyone knows some OL codes/events can combine with fleet discount?

This counts for new models as well


this one shows fleet and OL should work together, but dealer told me otherwise. will have to try other OL codes and see. Drive event OL codes are probably better than the ones signing up for trips.

Any current events or URL;s to get an OL code? I want to order my new m40i this weekend but can’t find an OL code anywhere.

There is a UDE in NY in November. Does anyone know if the special gift is a $1K voucher? Also, any news on the Fleet discount coming back? any other ways to get a discount beyond the $1K voucher?