Anyone here deal with an exploded moonroof?

Something I thought wouldn’t have happen to me but it did earlier this afternoon the way back home. It was cloudy today with normal traffic with me going around 65-70 on the freeway. Right before I got off the freeway, I heard a loud bang and found a hole right through the middle. As of right now, the car is parked until I get some answers. I already filed a claim with the insurance company and an adjuster will get back to me on Monday. The car came with the panoramic option with the moving piece broken.

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I don’t think a rock or pebble hit the roof and I’m more inclined to believe that the roofs are defective with some googling about this issue. A lawsuit was filed and dismissed regarding this very issue. With COVID hitting again, alot of places weren’t open this late and I won’t get any answers until next week. I’m in between taking it to the dealer which they will in all probability tell me that something hit it and I’d have to eat it. The most likely scenario is to pay my deductible and get this fixed next week. It might be a long shot about having MB/Dealer cover this but hey I could be wrong.

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You’ll get more with honey in this case than vinegar, if you want MB to cover it.

Glad no one was hurt!


Had this happen on an X3 about a month ago, moonroof spontaneously shattered on state highway going 60. No one in front of me and no noticeable contact of any sort preceding the ‘implosion’. BMW took care of it. It did take about a week to get the part.

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That’s nuts. I just dropped it off at my dealer and it went exactly as I thought it would. The service manager is claiming something hit it and it won’t be covered. I was also told the burden of proof is quite high on something like this to prove that the glass did indeed break on its own. How did you get them to replace it for free?

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