Anyone heard of Omega Auto Group?


Has anyone heard of Omega Auto Group in Thousand Oaks, CA ? They seem to be offering some great deals on new leases ( as per their website ), and most deals are with 0 down !! Am I missing something ?

Website looks like that of a broker. What are the deals where you’re missing something, i.e. sounds like it’s too good to true?

I really enjoy looking at lease broker websites because it can give you an idea of what is possible and what vehicles to consider. The following two vehicles strike me as particularly insane. 2016 BMW 740i for $665/mo and 2016 Highlander for $235/mo.

most of the brokers price it with 7500 mi/yr and all kinds of incentives that not everybody is eligible for.

General consensus is that you can do better than a broker if you are willing to put in the work.