Anyone having problems with swapalease?

2 years ago I list my X3 on swapalease. It went OK. Someone local to me picked it up.

Fast forward to this past Sunday. I tried to list my RC350 and get an error on their website. Monday they called and asked about my listing. I said, “I tried to list your systems down” They gave me a b.s. excuse. After getting home I tried to ‘log in’ and it says my account doesn’t exist. Um, less than 24 hours ago it existed. I called.

Cliff notes: They said, "pay $400 up front for a listing and we’ll unlock your account. I relied, “last time I paid $200” The rep says, “we dont recommend that service and if you want that service it’ll only be a make/model search”

As of me typing this I cant log into the account I created and accessed just 3 days ago. I honestly feel like they’re extorting me.

What’s the issue here? SAL charges 400 bucks to list, and use their service (although some have reported you can negotiate down to 200). They requested payment and you refused.

What are you going to do with an account that you chose not to pay for? I fail to see how they’re “extorting” you when you chose not to pay to use their service.

The problem is they locked my account and wont unlock it unless I pay $400 up front.

I didn’t refuse payment to list. I refused payment to unlock…there’s a significant difference.

Unfortunately Cliffs Notes won’t work on this one. It really just depends on what was exactly said…

My suggestion would be to call back and talk to someone one else.

Here’s the quote:

  • In order to proceed, we’d process the one-time fee by phone and then you’ll get log-in instructions to log in to the account if you’d like to keep up with activity or add/modify the ad*.

Pay first and we’ll let you log in. Nice.

I just logged in - no problems. Didn’t have to pay.

Exactly. They’re telling me I need to let them complete my listing, pay $400 and then they’ll let me log in. Nonsense.

What are you trying to accomplish by logging in for free? You can’t list a car for free, so I still don’t understand the issue. I get that you are locked out at the moment, and they want you to pay 400 bucks…but outside of browsing, there’s not much you can do for free either.

For free? Not much, I understand how it works. My point is that Sunday I could log in, I did and began writing an ad. Today, I cant.

Maybe its a matter of principle.

I just made up what I said because I am a habitual line-stepper. I don’t have an account there.

I moved 2 cars on SL at special $99 each. I did the listing for myself. The only complaint I have is I was not able to do a formatting on the description

Issue resolved. What hassle.

Whenever I go there, I always have trouble–it’s all crap.