Anyone have luck selling Infiniti lease to car max or other dealer

My Infiniti lease coming to a end I know last year they weren’t taking and lease from Infiniti and other companies unless you bring back to sale dealership brand. Had a couple dealers call interested in the car and said that they have loosened up on those rules has anyone heard about this?

Only Infiniti and you could buy the car

Has not changed in 11 months…

You can sell to a Nissan/Infiniti dealer, or possibly to an auto group that includes either brand.

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If those dealers are part of AutoNation or Lithia or any big group they can buy it without issues. (Assuming they have a Nissan arm AND are willing to do it)

You have to go through a service that can use an Infiniti dealer. I’d recommend either @aronchi if you’re in the NY NJ Tri state area - Rodo - Lithia - etc

I sold mine to AutoNation in the Chicagoland area. Submitted an inquiry online and received a quote by email.