Anyone have insight on LR Defender 110 leases?

Hi, we are looking to lease a new D110. Sticker seems like it’ll wind up between 73 and 76k. Does anyone have any insight into what leases like these are looking like? Obviously 1% rule isn’t achievable on most Rovers, especially if we want to order one to our liking, but any guidance would be appreciated. We are in Denver if that matters. Thanks!

Can’t help with actual numbers but I suspect this won’t be pretty at all. At the MSRP you mentioned, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a ~$1000+ payment.


thanks, yes that’s what I’m thinking unfortunately

Last I heard it was still full sticker and fully marked up MF. YMMV… and if you can find one :man_shrugging:

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I’m looking at D 110, MSRP is around 83k, does anyone have a clue what the MF and residual are?

These guys have some clues for you.


I also don’t know about numbers, but I will say that in my opinion the base money factor seems a little high this month on LR/chase. Alot of demand for defender out there.

It will absolutely be north of $1000 with upfronts at best. That is assuming MSRP and a marked up MF.

Dealers will devalue the brand if they start offering crazy numbers on this car.

When are you getting one? :slight_smile:

Sweet spot is about 24 months.

No kidding, dealers got 23 this month, half are gone.


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HersheySweet looking at the sweetspot, hah! When you say sweet spot, are you considering the inception fees when you say this? For example, looking at a sign and drive monthly payment when you compare the different lease durations ?

24 months is a better term for the less expensive lower trim defender

33 is even better

I built out a reasonably well optioned (for my liking anyway) SE 110 with the bigger engine (something like $67K MSRP). Seems to be around $900/mo for 36 months at MSRP and base MF with acquisition paid up front.

Does any LR dealer do base MF? Also, chase doesn’t do transfer FWIW

112 new defenders within 100 miles of me. 1 dealer even showing a 2% discount