Anyone Have a BMW Dealer willing to Buy Leases?


Been getting lowballed by local BMW dealers on selling back my leases. Wanted to know if anyone had a dealer paying good money to add inventory?

of your 2 cars, the only one worth anything is the x4. 740s and 750s are all underwater.

Damn. Reality is so harsh.

Not true my buyout is 61k and I 3rd party of 68k

what third party??

Autonation, which has BMW dealers

this thread wouldnt exist if autonation was offering you a number that was over payoff on that car. in fact, if you send me the vin and miles, i will prove to you that fair value on the car is below your payoff.

I realize it’s no longer December, but I had a $65,000 offer on my 2019 750 (9,000 miles) from an AutoNation dealer, which was right at payoff.

I even have a picture of the fake check.

This thread exists because I am trying to shop max value. It’s sounding like 68k is just that. That being said I’ll be taking the 68k and walking away net 7k. Figured there would be more of a market since current leases run into the 1000-1200 range and this one has less than 8k miles. Thought a BMW dealer would love to have it for 70-75k

I don’t know if they do it but did you try the corporate BMW dealer in NYC?

Mods can close I got the info I needed

If you are willing to drive, BMW of Bridgeport made me walk away with $4,000 inequity on a 10-month lease… I used What's My Car Worth? Find the Trade-In Value - TrueCar which helped me get connected to them since of buyout restrictions