Anyone Going to F1 Las Vegas?

Is anyone going to F1 Las Vegas? I was scheduled to watch from a friend’s condo but that has fallen through. Considering purchasing a ticket but they seem a bit outrageous. If anyone has recommendations on where to purchase from, I would appreciate it.

Prob costs as much as 12 months in a base macan


Ticket prices this close to the race are going to astronomical.

I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking of it in that terms :rofl:

Have fun freezing.

Race start temp would have been 40 degrees last year.

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Yessir have two tix for me and the Mrs.

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Locals get cheap tickets. I think it was 200 for a pair. Not sure where the general bleachers are

general was $500 each if you were lucky and rooms are even crazier, even with status i was seeing 800+/night

Hotel prices are way down. Tickets, I saw on Ticketmaster for $2000 for just general for the weekend. I went the first year in Miami. I would say without hospitality it’s not really worth going. the general bleachers the cars go by so fast and no highlights or anything. Hospitality looks about 10,000 minimum, with the Paddock club $20,000. Otherwise just watch the race in a sports book or something but enjoy all the revelry in LV that weekend.

Anyone going to Abu Dhabi, hmu

F1 Vegas tix on GameTime app for a 3 Day Pass with several under $1,200 currently. There will be cheaper tickets/passes as the race gets closer on GameTime, StubHub and Ticketmaster.

youre right rooms are way down from when i last looked, no comps for me still but seeing rooms at more normal prices at around 50-100/night. might be worth going just to be in vegas that weekend.

I just got an offer for 3 nights free from Venetian. A few weeks ago it was $450 a night. Yeah, prices down…

I signed up early on, but I doubt I will actually purchase tickets. The cost didn’t seem worth it to me, last I had checked anyway.

If you’re not aware, qualifying starts at midnight local time and the race on Sunday starts at 10 pm local time.

Midnight is still early in Las Vegas.

Seen Vegas blogs posting comp rooms and gaming credit at mgm and comp rooms at the venetian.

All I got was $20/night at Excalibur lol. Seems like the novelty already wore off and regular visitors are staying away is my guess.

Yep,. I am a low level gambler and got free 3 nights from Venetian. lol. screw that, not going.