Anyone get their BMW dealer to upgrade idrive 7?

This is a bit frustrating. Tesla does OTA updates so a lot of the manufacturers claimed to do it as well. Except they do such a piss poor job at it.

I just checked my BMW settings and it never got the February OTA update that was sent out. My sales guy has ZERO idea what I’m talking about when I message him.

Anyone successfully get their dealership to do the update? How did you do it?

What year and model?

Talk to your Service Advisor, not sales. Usually it’s a paid upgrade if you force them, but for certain problems with the system they’ll often update it as a diagnostic measure.

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2021 530E - just got it on Saturday.

Tell them you’re having connectivity issues or that wireless car play/android auto keeps disconnecting. They might flash it for you.

Yup, just got the most recent one OTA.

From Full guide to BMW software updates |

If you are in doubt whether a new Remote Software Upgrade is available for your vehicle or not, you can also use your BMW Operating System menu to proactively search for any new available upgrades. To access the upgrade menu, follow these steps:

1) CAR
2) Preferences
3) General Preferences
4) Remote Software Upgrade
5) Search for upgrades
6) Follow the on-screen instructions


Try this: BMW Software Update |

Some updates can be done using a USB.

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Have you tried the Genius Hotline?

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Dealers don’t want to spend time on software updates because they have no opportunity to make any money off of it. If you aren’t able to do it through the My BMW app or a USB drive, go in and say the screen(s) turned off while you were driving. That seems to be the magic phrase that gets them to do it.

Just to be sure, what version are you on? The latest version available OTA should be 11/2020.50

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