Anyone ever sold on

Curious if anyone went through the process and was willing to share.

I have bought a car there and have a listing currently. A friend got royally hosed on a G Wagen purchase from a presumably reputable dealer (seller) on there. What questions do you have?

Link to the G wagon auction he got hosed on?

Ive seen so much feedback here from selling to carvana and the likes, which I’m likely about to partake in.

Then I remembered carsandbids, and wondered if I could do better there instead.

Its a 2017 Audi S3 Premium+ in Vegas Yellow.

Worth a shot, or is it a big hassle?

Isn’t carsandbids a p2p website?

From what I’ve heard, they require quite a bit of content and process to get a listing on the site. That takes a time commitment from the seller to provide that content, so they push content services (photo/video) which they try to sell over the top. Not every listing is accepted (I can guess which ones are!)

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Sold my LX470 last year on there. Pretty straight forward process: provided at minimum 80 pics and service history. Title must be present and paid off. Buyer pays a selling fee. My truck was bought by a dealer. I too thought it was p2p but dealers are allowed to bid. It did take around 7 days to get the listing up and they give options when it should run.


Just sold my rivian r1t couple weeks ago there. Smooth process


The vehicle does not have to be paid off or title present, they will list cars that have an existing lien and disclose it.

The most recent sale of a silver 2002 that ended on 4/12/2022.

It’s true that not every listing is accepted, but they’re far less picky than BaT.

Why is there no chatter on that auction about getting hosed?

I don’t have an answer for that – last I heard he was attempting other avenues to be made whole by the seller. I guess there are the usual risks of buying something (usually older) sight unseen. The car I bought happened to be local and I was able to see it in person beforehand.

My buddy sold an old 93 Jeep Cherokee Limited on there for $14.5k

Crazy world we live in