Anyone else squeezed into going through a GM dealer for lease payoff?


I have a 2017 GMC Terrain that is coming up on a 39 mo lease. I like the car and want to pay it off with cash / keep it. I called GM Financial who claims that “by state laws” I have to go thru a dealer to get the payoff amount (I live in FL). I also paid off a Honda last year where I was able to pay the Residual+Sales Tax directly to Honda and they sent me a transfer title I was able to take to the DMV (where I payed a grand total of $80 to get a new title).

The dealer I leased from gave me the following payoff quote:

Residual Value per contract: $15354.95
Price of the car: $15707.35 (claims the extra $352 covers some mandatory inspection - do I need one if i am buying it outright?)
Private tag fee: $98
Electronic registration filing fee: $279
Taxable price: $16084.35
Tax: 1125.90 (7% tax in FL)
License / Registration: $450
Total: $17660.25

Called another dealer and he was able to take $200 off but I noticed his quote had M/W/F and battery fees that look similar to the padding fees i payed upfront to the dealer i leased the car from.

I then mentioned to GM Financial on the phone that I wasn’t interested in going thru a dealer and the call center manager said the only other option was to go thru a 3rd part called “Innovative Funding Services” who also said they charged a $480 processing fee + the usual tag and title fees.

Anyone else deal with this racket? Any suggestions?
Much appreciated!

Turn it in and buy a new one.

Going through same thing with an Escalade ? Can anyone help how to get a dealer quote without going through the origination dealer? Gm🤯

Assuming you have already compared your residual in your contract to the current FV of the car? (Assuming you are towards the end of the lease). Will quickly let you know if it’s even worth wasting your time.

What state are you in?

Never had this problem when selling my 2017 gmc yukon to at the time. Just called for my buy out and beepi paid it out. Simple. Maybe its a Florida thing? I’m in California.

Even if you have to go through a dealer, you shouldn’t be required to go through the original dealer.

Yes absolutely, you should not have to go through the origination dealer but a bunch of customer service reps at gm financial were saying because it is a PA lease, they cant release the payoff quote to the customer nor any dealer.