Anyone else get a huge insurance premium increase from AAA (maybe a Tesla specific question)

Just got my insurance renewal from AAA (CSAA) and my Tesla insurance premium went up $650 for the next year. My Infiniti went down $50. All of the increase came from a collision premium increase… They’re claiming it’s due to new regional rates.

Last year was the least I’ve ever driven and we’ve never made a claim against this car.

Anyone seeing anything similar from your car or provider?

Insurance companies might start considering cases like this for policy costs

Get a quote from another insurance company.

Farmers jacked up my home insurance 20% this year, even though I’ve been with them for a decade. Switched to State Farm and I got cheaper price from what I paid Farmers before they jack it up.

Insurance for electric cars are a different ballgame. Might want to check out the Tesla forums for more responses

My friend said that he got insurance from Tesla. Have you checked that option?

Yeah - I’m shopping around - I need to coverage for 2 cars + home + umbrella so need to check all my options

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I’ve noticed Progressive has great Tesla rates

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Make sure whatever you do, you should only consider how little the insurance costs.

If you are willing to take a $250 deductible (you can change to $500 or $1,000 after 30 days), Ed’s Insurance and Bait will give you a free bucket of minnows.


They are the front runner!

My Bolt cause my insurance to jump significantly, on the itemization it somehow caused my Porsche comprehensive and collision to be more expensive (even though I’d drive it less as a result).

Check out Connect if you have Costco membership- I pay $650/6mo for '20 Tesla and '20 Bolt with $250/$500 deductibles and $100/300K liability

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Our insurance broker found something through Mainstreet America Insurance, for a 2021 Model Y LR 250k/500k coverage, $500/ded was less than $800/yr.

Tesla should be doing insurance soon in NY so that should lower rates for us tesla owners.