Any way to expedite a Nissan Lease Transfer?

I am in the process of transferring my Lease with Nissan. The transferee and I already submitted the initial credit application paperwork, and today or tomorrow I will submit the transfer paperwork. The problem is that the transferee needs the vehicle ASAP, and the transfer process takes weeks.


  1. Is there any way to expedite the transfer process (either through an expedite fee with Nissan, or any outside people who can expedite the process)?
  2. If anyone has recently transferred a Nissan lease, what was the transfer time?

Additional Irrelevant Information (to get ahead of the questions)

  1. Yes, I know that with I will remain liable under the lease following transfer. For some degree of protection, I’ve taken a deposit from the transferee and will make him sign an Indemnification Agreement.
  2. I asked my insurance broker and he strongly advised against the transferee using the vehicle before the transfer is completed. The monthly lease payment is only $240 (including taxes), so I’d rather pay it for an extra month than take on the liability.
  3. The car in question is a 2022 Nissan Leaf. I love the car, but I got it in December of last year and so far I haven’t put even 600 miles on it, so I can’t justify keeping it.

you’re aware you’re still on the hook for any liability w a nissan lease transfer?

The OP addressed that above in that he is aware.

yeah no third party indemnity agreement will be enforceable on something you are renting and don’t own.

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I don’t think ownership matters. I can sublease my rented apartment and still ask the subtenants to indemnify me. I see that all the time.

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Why don’t you look into selling the vehicle and avoid the risk and headache of doing a lease transfer? You might even have some equity in it. Check with some Nissan or Infiniti dealers who are able to buy it out at the standard payoff.

Ya, the first thing I did was get a quote from EquityHackr but it came below the payoff price.

You have to get multiple quotes.
Get quotes from Carvana, Carmax and Autonation to get an idea of its value. There are some other brokers here that may be able to facilitate a buyout for you. You can also check Rodo. You can also take the highest quotes you got and go to your local Nissan or Infiniti dealers and see if they will get close to those offers.

Not your problem. And insane to hand over the vehicle before a transfer is completed.

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I agree. Except that I did sit on the documents for a week or so (so I caused some delay), and also, I’d rather stop paying for this vehicle ASAP.

Why did you sit on the paperwork for a week and what is the idea behind getting around to it today or tomorrow? That’s literally just blowing a day of the process and having zero sense of urgency to do the transfer. Now you mention that the person taking over needs the vehicle and you want to not pay for another day. At least put the effort in and if it is worth it FedEx or UPS to speed it up a day.

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LOL, thanks. Very helpful advice.

This. At best it’ll allow you to win a judgement in civil court after you’ve already had to pay. Then you’d still have to collect on that judgement.

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I bet NMAC’s transfer agreement explicitly states the OP will remain liable to them, so the idea of indemnity against a contract you just signed seems wishful.

And it’s not monthly payments; it’s that plus all lease-end charges. Also if the next guy crashes the car or it’s stolen after his insurance lapsed or he did something to cause them to decline a payout, then the OP will be liable for the value of the entire car.

Replace Honda with Nissan in here and this is your answer:

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