Any VacationHackrs?

I booked Tabacon for January and it was the same process as booking any Hyatt on points. Super straight forward

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Nope, no surprises! Unfortunately no additional benefits for Globalists at SLH properties but everything was as advertised and the staff were great to us.

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Hey, I don’t know what you call cheap but Dubai is a beautiful destination.

Relative was just there and from what they told me…would concur. Not sure about affordability.

Let’s not overstate things.

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Booked a TESLA 3 LR in Hawaii Dec 6-7th for $120 all in Pre-Pay with Hertz code 4 AAA discount, terms say I don’t have to recharge and return at least 10% battery full… hope it sticks but either way cheaper than gas car refuel :stuck_out_tongue: even if I use their only SUPERCHARGER not too far from airport. ($160 was pay at counter price) I will use Cap One Venture points to pay/cover the “travel purchase” in the account, so it will be kinda FREE

This is the first time I have seen a Tesla pop up in my Hawaii rentals so thought-why not, I had reserved a Wrangler $95 through Costco-but had so many of them there that I don’t really need the “off-road” feat at all for this one day… and Autopilot would come in handy for “sightseeing” :joy: and extra photos for our other thread here :call_me_hand:

P.S. I almost went to Hawaii today too, Nov 21-Nov 24th FREE flight with points, only expense for Hotel $300 total…but decided to not do it as it’s too close to my next one lol and I had planned to go LA Autoshow on Thursday…

Pedantic Alert. I repeat Pedantic Alert.

I have a pet peeve regarding Hawaii. It’s how everyone refers to everywhere in Hawaii as Hawaii. Is it Maui? Is it Kauai? Is it Hawaii (Big Island)? Is it Oahu? Nobody knows. It’s always just I’m going to Hawaii. You don’t hear that with other states do you? It’s not I’m going to Florida, it’s I’m going to Miami or Orlando or Tampa.

Having been all over the state, there is a lot of difference between the islands and even intra-island. North or south, east or west on the same island can be a big difference.

OK Rant over. I know return you to your regularly scheduled program… :slight_smile:


I agree, and I’ve said the same thing in the past. It drives me nuts. I believe it is because the general public honestly believes that Hawaii is one place (one island).

We are returning to Maui in February and I always specify “Maui” and never say Hawaii. :joy: Some probably wonder where “that” is, though they don’t


Haha, Yah I should’ve specified ma-bad…I always stay in Waikiki and I don’t discriminate Hawaii is Hawaii :upside_down_face: but if one googles “Supercharger Hawaii” there’s only ONE that pops up and it’s in Honolulu :joy: everything else is “too small” for a Tesla infrastructure


If anyone is still luggage shopping, this is a great BF deal from Samsonite directly

Do you know if the stuff at the Samsonite outlet is manufactured specifically for the outlet or if it’s original quality? I’d love to get my wife some new luggage this year and we have one of their outlets near us.

Based on my experience ordering from their online outlet, the former.

But based on all my experience with outlet malls, almost everything, everywhere is the latter. So :man_shrugging:t2:

Any recommendations for a nice tropical resort with stuff for kids to do, like a waterpark, etc?

Surfer’s Paradise is amazing for kids — check out the JW Marriott Gold Coast. Their saltwater lagoon is fabulous.

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I am now officially declaring the Capital One Venture X and its travel portal the worst travel products released in the past 20 years.

Yesterday when I noticed that the $300 annual travel credit for a trip booked on 10/15 still hasn’t posted, customer service told me that I have to wait until 3 billing cycles before they’ll investigate and asked me to call back after January 2, 2023.

The chatbot is utterly useless, and there are no live agents.

Last night I tried to use canceled flight credits, but couldn’t find the credits anywhere. Eventually I realized that there are two different types of travel credit, accessed completely differently, and one of them wasn’t showing up in Safari (but was in Chrome).

The $954 travel credit was for two passengers. It’s impossible to use just one of the passenger’s $477 credits online, you have to call. This isn’t stated anywhere except at the bottom of the very last page before finishing the online portion of the booking (continued below).

And even if I was trying to book something for the same two people on the original booking, you can’t do this on a self-service basis. You have to choose your flights and then submit a form and then wait ? hours/ days/ months for someone to review and act on the request.

Online booking is only available if booking for all original travelers. If you would just like to use your travel credit for particular travelers, please give us a call at 844-422-6972.


If you don’t mind a block or two away from beach in WAIKIKI, Waikiki Sand Villa Hotel (and some of their other hotels in the folio) has a Black Friday Deal 40% off and NO RESORT FEE
I booked 10 days King in April for $1057 all taxes/fees included… now that’s a HACK for Waikiki, now I gotta hack my flights too :joy:

Edit: I also rebooked my Dec 5-7th trip with the same deal and saved another $80 Cha-Chingggg
P.S. The deal automatically pops up as soon as you go to their website but it’s not listed in their “offer” section as it’s a limited time deal…

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Hmmm, I’ve been contemplating which card to churn next and this was on my list. Assuming Capital One will allow me to redeem the signup bonus…

I’m not saying don’t get it for churning purposes, just know what you’re getting into if you aren’t transferring the points out to a different program (i.e., if you plan to use them through C1’s unbearable travel portal.).

Note that hotel transfer partners are limited to such hospitality luminaries as Accor, Choice Hotels and Wyndham.

So depending on your destination, finding a decent place to use the transferred hotel points could be like forking through a fresh loaf that your neighbor’s dog just squeezed out, looking for a kernel of corn.

[I have zero use for transfers to airline partners, but of course you may.]

Note: It appears that the points can be used at Amazon for 0.8 cents each. That might be my exit strategy here, despite the diminished point value.

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i feel personally attacked

My travel needs and habits are unconventional by most people’s standards.