Any Super Low Milage Lease?

Hey Hackrs,
I’m looking for a low millage lease, like 5k/year, Terms flexible. With a budget up to $500/month.
Hoping for a Fun, Powerful and/or Luxury Sedan or Coupe. Any thoughts or ideas?!
p.s. SoCal 92260

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Thought: you have a lot of test driving and research to do.

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I’ve already done a lot of research and some test driving. I have an idea, but there aren’t many good deals right now. Plus everything is 10k miles.
So while I’m waiting for 2020 lease deals to come out, I thought I would look into low millage lease or maybe loaner (which I don’t know as much about).
There isn’t much forthright information that I’ve been able to find. So I’m hoping someone on a literal “lease hacker” forum might have more insight then

Although 7,500/year is typically the lowest mileage offered and only by some captives for certain models, getting less mileage is not a huge savings. 7,500 vs. 10K only saves you 1% of MSRP, so $15/month on a $50K or $3% savings if you are willing to pay $500/month.

You may be better off finding a car you like on Swapalease with limited mileage and negotiate a higher incentives since there is a small audience for low mileage leases.

Otherwise you can go with 10k/year lease and likely swap out of the lease after 16-20 months and get more money for the extra miles that way.


I’ll be honest, any vehicle that has such low mileage limits (5k) is going to be way beyond your $500 a month limit. These are usually limited to super / hypercars.

Audi leases start at 7.5k miles per year. @AudiGuan posted that he had a few A5 sportbacks for $399 a month in December, maybe that could be a good place to start? *AudiGuan* Season of Audi December

Great Info, Thank you. Unfortunately I don’t like Audi’s, but that’s good to know.

Thank you for this information. Exactly what I needed to hear.