Any suggestions on BMW dealers in the DC, MD, VA area that would take this offer?

The original offer was $4,750 off an MSRP of $72,095. It included a dealer contribution of $2,250 and the BMW/PenFed $2,500 discount. The dealer is now saying that the updated MSRP will be closer to $74,095 based on 2022 price increases. They will still honor the $4,750 off however the car is now 2k higher in price. Note. BMW USA build still shows the MSRP at $72,095 so not certain when the price increase goes into effect but because I’m doing a custom order, I can’t take possession until Feb/March 2022

My interest is trying to lock in the MSRP of $72,095 with the $4,750 off this week. Any suggestions?

Not much internet strangers can do if the manufacturer plans to increase the MSRP.

Well, not really since (see below)…

So actual dealer discount is only $2250. That equates to a discount of about 3% off MSRP (before the price increase). Ask the dealer if they will honor the % off and not the amount off MSRP.
If not, you could reach out to BMW brokers on this forum servicing your area.

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Absolutely greedy, the 4 series is already overpriced as it is, particularly the convertible

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How is that not covered under “sold order price protection”?

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It’s not a jeep.

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Don’t understand? Jon Shafer at bimmerfest said the factory offers sold order price protection and it looks like it’s happened with Corvette owners in the past.

I’ll look into it and get back to you.

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when are the prices going up? and have they released a list?

Just made a deal today on a 2022 BMW M440i Conv in NoVa. (6% off between Dealer contribution and PenFed Incentive) Thanks to Leasehackr posts for helping me prepare and get a decent deal in 2022.

Deal Details

  • MSRP $73,895
  • Deal Contribution = $2,149
  • PenFed Incentive = $2,500
  • Deal Processing Fee = $699
  • Tags = $300
  • No Other Add-ons
  • Md Tax = 6%


  • ZPK Parking Assistance Package is a no-cost add-on but you have to ask the dealer to add it. It’s not shown on the BMW website configurator.
  • 6DR Drive Recorder was a $100 add-on and is also not listed on BMW Website. Again, I had to ask the dealer to add it.