Any recommended jeep dealer in Arizona looking to lease 2 cars.... my first post

trying to lease 2 cars from jeep in Arizona any recomendations went to 2 dealers today no luck got bad offers
cars the I am interested in are
Jeep Wrangler unlimited 12k miles
Jeep grand Cherokee altitude 12k miles
chrysler 300s with appearance and premium group pacakage
I know the 300 have a 9500 lease rebate but the residual is horibile
the best I was offered today was a
2017 Jeep Wrangler unlimited Sahara msrp $38,525 sales price $34,639
0 down 12k miles $485 a month 24 months
2017 chrysler 300s msrp of $41,450 sales price $35,793 $0 down 12k miles $410 a month 36 months
thanks in advance

Any help would be appreciated

Arizona is not a competitive market-- You would be better trying to get a deal in So Cal. If you do decide to stay local the best deals on Jeeps I found were are the N Scottsdale dealer. They will try to add on lot of thing and mark up the rate, but if you persist you should be able to get an ok deal.

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Thanks for your advice

Leased my dodge in SoCal and drove it back to Phoenix.

Dealers here are anti-competitive. Airpark dodge jeep sells the most jeeps in the entire USA. Try them first.

Thank you for the tip

I think I’m going to have to take a trip to California I am a flight attendant and fly for free so that would save the drive there

The Jeep Sahara deal is actually a pretty god deal considering its only 24 months, and that Jeeps dont lease well generally. The big thing here is the 2 years though which this is actually not a bad payment.

300 deal is bad though… They have been giving these cars away all year… My local dealer had them under 300 a month zero down…

Yeah the 300 number we’re horibile it actually $9500 lease cash I made a typo up top
The msrp is $41,450
There supposedly selling price is $35,793
So I don’t know we’re they got $410 from there at least $65 off a month when I did the math so I just walked out and said thank you for your time today I got a voice mail telling me to call them back they have a aggressive offer.

Best thing to do is get the MF and residual off edmunds, crunch the numbers yourself. Likely they were marking up the rate as well. That is A LOT of lease cash. Payment should be WAYY lower. Would be interesting to here what they say. Ask them for the money factor and residual as well. It will surprise them and they will know they’re dealing with an educated car buyer

Yea that’s what I did looked up the rv/mf these are the numbers I got

Set your deal up before you go. Just fly in, sign the already agreed on deal and drive home.